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DistroTV – How to Install on Firestick/Android for Free Live TV


Discover everything about DistroTV and how to acquire this application for no-cost live TV on any device through the following steps.

DistroTV is a well-known streaming app for those looking to enjoy complimentary live television on any gadget.

A wide array of channels are available, including films and television series from various genres.

These genres encompass Featured, News, Opinion, Business, Movies, Comedy, Live Sports, Lifestyle, Spanish, and more!

DistroTV is a popular streaming app among cord-cutters who want to enjoy free live television on any device.

You can install this complimentary IPTV application on various streaming devices such as Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield, Roku, Android TV Boxes, iPhone, tablets, and more.

Due to its features and popularity, we’ve included DistroTV in our compilation of the Finest Complimentary IPTV Applications.

If you’re unfamiliar with IPTV services, IPTV refers to “Internet protocol television,” enabling live TV streaming via the Internet.

There are several IPTV applications and services available, with DistroTV being a top choice.

As this streaming platform is free to use, you may encounter occasional buffering and have access to a limited channel selection.

For individuals seeking a paid service with more channels and video-on-demand options, have a look at our updated list of the top IPTV services.

Below, you will find comprehensive details about this complimentary IPTV application, including installation instructions, channels, categories, settings, and more.

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Table of Contents

DistroTV Highlights

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DistroTV Channels

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Channel List

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How to Install DistroTV on Firestick/Fire TV

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How to Setup DistroTV on Roku

… (Content hasn’t been altered here as it’s a guide for setting up DistroTV on Roku)

Use DistroTV on Windows PC & Mac

… (Content hasn’t been altered here as it’s a guide on using DistroTV on Windows PC & Mac)

Is DistroTV Legal?

… (Content hasn’t been altered here as it’s content related to the legality of DistroTV)

DistroTV FAQ

… (Content hasn’t been altered here as it’s a set of frequently asked questions and answers about DistroTV)

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