DTawan IPTV – Over 12,000 Live Channels for $10.99/Month

dtawan iptv

This in-depth IPTV analysis introduces DTawan IPTV, providing over 12,000 channels, on-demand content, one connection, and more for only $10.99 per month.

Is DTawan IPTV safe to use? Is DTawan IPTV legitimate? What channels does DTawan IPTV present? We’ll address these questions and more in this post.

We raise lawful queries since DTawan IPTV is not accessible in reputable app outlets such as the Amazon App Store or Google Play Store, which can sometimes raise caution.

DTawan IPTV is an IPTV service hosting over 12,000 active channels across multiple genres.

Their basic package is priced at $10.99/month and encompasses international, sports, PPV, entertainment, news, and other channel classifications.

This plan offers one connection, with the option to purchase more if needed.

It can be installed on any Android-powered gadget, including the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, NVIDIA Shield, and more.

For those not familiar with IPTV services, IPTV denotes “Internet protocol television,” essentially referring to live television transmitted over the Internet.

What is IPTV? – Beginner’s Guide to IPTV

IMPORTANT: We strongly advise employing a VPN with these unauthenticated IPTV services. View the following link for more details.

Best VPN for IPTV

Below, you will find comprehensive details on this IPTV service, including channels, genres, costs, configurations, registration, installation guidance, and more.

dtawan iptv service

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DTawan IPTV Highlights

  • More than 12,000 live channels
  • Plan prices start at $10.99/month
  • Standard plan comes with one connection
  • VPN-Friendly
  • On-demand options available
  • Free trial offered
  • No IP location lock
  • Mainstream sports channels provided
  • PPV coverage
  • Adult content included
  • Well-known news networks accessible
  • Functionality to manage favorite channels
  • Catchup functionality available
  • Support for external video players
  • International channel lineup
  • Accepts Credit/Debit and PayPal
  • Customer support available through their online contact form and email
  • Electronic Program Guide (EPG)
  • Applicable for Amazon Firestick/Fire TV and Android devices
  • Compatible with popular IPTV Players
  • 24/7 customer support provision


Is DTawan IPTV Safe?

We’ll conduct a VirusTotal check on the official URL for the DTawan IPTV service.

The official URL for this IPTV service is https://dtawaniptv.com.

Check out the screenshot of the VirusTotal scan results.

Is DTawan IPTV Safe?

VirusTotal did not detect any malicious files with viruses or malware within the DTawan IPTV website URL.

However, it’s always important to protect ourselves when streaming content from unverified IPTV services.

The best way to do this is by using a secure VPN that will secure your identity and provide anonymity when using IPTV services like this.

Now, let’s look at the channels and pricing information for DTawan IPTV.

DTawan IPTV Channels

As previously mentioned, DTawan IPTV offers over 12,000 live channels starting at $10.99/month for the standard plan.

These channels are available in various categories, including entertainment, sports, kids, international, music, and more.

This IPTV service even provides options for PPV, major sports channels, and other features not included in some services.

dtawan iptv channels

There is also a user-friendly electronic program guide (EPG) for those who prefer this layout.

dtawan iptv review


DTawan IPTV offers various subscription plans for new users.

dtawan iptv pricing

Their popular subscription plan includes the following:

  • $10.99/month for over 12,000 channels, VOD, and one connection
  • $22.99 for 3 months for over 12,000 channels, VOD, and one connection
  • $33.99 for 6 months and over 12,000 channels, VOD, and one connection
  • $49.99 for 12 months and over 12,000 channels, VOD, and one connection

Note: We always recommend paying month to month with any IPTV service! Don’t commit to year-long plans, as services may go offline.

How to Install DTawan IPTV Service

DTawan IPTV can be installed on several popular streaming devices.

This includes the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, NVIDIA Shield, Android TV Boxes, Chromecast,

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