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How to Update Your Firestick to the Newest Software (Fire OS 7)

how to update firestick

This guide illustrates How to Improve Firestick or Fire TV to the newest software version.

Guaranteeing that your Amazon Firestick or Fire TV has the most recent version of Fire OS will ensure smooth and secure functionality.

Software updates frequently introduce new functionalities, enhanced performance, decreased buffering, and bug fixes.

How to Upgrade Firestick – Video Guide

Displayed below is a video and screenshot guide for enhancing your Firestick or Fire TV device with the most current software.

We suggest watching the video first and then examining the screenshots for supplementary details.

Although Amazon Fire TV devices generally update automatically, there might be cases where a manual upgrade becomes necessary.

Prior to commencing the upgrade, it is vital to be informed about your current software version in order to decide whether an upgrade is needed.

I am using a Fire TV Stick 4K, and my current Software Version is Fire OS

In this instance, I am utilizing a Fire TV Stick 4K, and the current Software Version is Fire OS

Given that Amazon’s latest software version is Fire OS 7, it is probable that a system upgrade for my Firestick is needed.

You can discover a comprehensive list of Amazon’s most recent software versions for each Fire TV device.

Beneath, we have included a step-by-step screenshot tutorial for optimizing the performance of your Firestick through an upgrade!

How to Upgrade Firestick or Fire TV

In the following screenshot guide, we will improve our Firestick using an Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K.

This procedure applies to all varieties of Firesticks and Fire TV devices.

1. Hover over the settings icon on your Firestick’s main menu and select My Fire TV.

From the main menu of your Firestick, hover over the settings icon and click My Fire TV.

2. Select About.

Click About.

3. Press Install Update.

Note: This may also be labeled as “Check for Updates” depending on the update status of your Firestick software.

Click Install Update. 

4. Wait a few minutes for the Firestick to complete the upgrade process.

Wait a few minutes while your Firestick completes the upgrade process.

5. That’s all! Your Firestick now features the latest software installation.

Your Firestick now has the latest software installed. 

Enjoy the improved performance of your refreshed device.

Updating Your Firestick – Final Thoughts

To conclude, updating your Firestick is a critical action that ensures optimal device performance. This process grants access to the latest features, improved functionality, and enhanced device safety.

Following a software upgrade

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