Infenity Kodi Build – How to Install on Firestick (Kodi 19 Matrix)

infenity kodi build

This thorough assessment of the Ultimate Kodi Build will furnish you with all the details concerning this build on Firestick as well as Android devices.

Is the Ultimate Kodi Build secure and lawful? What content does the Ultimate Kodi Build provide? These inquiries and more will be discussed in this article.

We question the legality of the build as it is not accessible in the official Kodi repository, which may serve as a cautionary signal.

The Ultimate Kodi Build is among the principle Kodi builds in the 709 Repository, delivering movies, TV series, live TV, sports, and more.

If you are new to Kodi, a Kodi build is an all-inclusive package integrating diverse practical extensions and features to enrich your streaming experience.

Since this build cannot be acquired via the official Kodi repository, it must be obtained from a third-party provider, as demonstrated in the instructional guide below.

If you have not yet installed Kodi on your device, you can follow the tutorial below to install the most recent stable release.

How to Install Kodi on Firestick

The Ultimate Kodi Build can be implemented on any Android-operated device, encompassing the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, NVIDIA Shield, and more.

The classifications accessible in this build encompass TMDb Movies, In Theaters, Trending, Movies, TV Shows, Premieres, and more.

Ultimate Kodi Build categories

The Ultimate Kodi Build is widely recognized as one of the premier Kodi builds by numerous cord-cutting enthusiasts.

Remember that as this build is free, you may encounter buffering and have restricted channel options.

If you seek a paid service provide with more channels and superior playback quality, explore our revised inventory of IPTV services.

For those unfamiliar with IPTV services, IPTV denotes “Internet protocol television,” signifying television consumption via the Internet.

How to Set Up IPTV – A Beginner’s Guide to Live TV

A multitude of Kodi builds are at your disposal, and the Ultimate Kodi Build is among the finest. It extends a favored substitute to conventionally crafted cable packages.

Subsequently, you will find particulars of this Kodi build, inclusive of the procedural steps for installation, features, categories, and more.

Is the Ultimate Kodi Build Safe?

Prior to installing this build, it is advised to scan their repository URL with VirusTotal.

Here is a snapshot of the scan outcomes.

Is Klix Kodi Build Safe?

According to VirusTotal, the Infenity Build repository URL does not contain any malevolent files linked to malware.

Nevertheless, it is perpetually recommended to exercise vigilance when streaming content from unauthenticated third-party builds like Infenity.

During the setup procedure, Kodi notifies users that these third-party builds and add-ons will have access to the personal data stored on their device.

Kodi even alerts us during setup that these third-party Add-ons will be given access to personal data stored on our device.

To ensure your privacy and security while using the Ultimate Kodi Build, it is highly recommended to employ a VPN.

Best VPN for Kodi


Now, it’s time to proceed with the steps for installing the Ultimate Kodi build from their repository.

How to Install the Ultimate Kodi Build

1. Once Kodi is up and running on your device, launch Kodi and click the Settings icon.

How to Install Misfit Mods Kodi Build

2. Opt for System.

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