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LaLiga Pushing Google to Delete Piracy Apps from Phones

LaLiga Urging Google to Remove Unauthorized Apps from Mobile Devices

LaLiga, the apex of professional football in the Spanish league system, is actively escalating its efforts to combat piracy, an enduring challenge in the sports sector. They are currently pressing Google to delete unauthorized apps from more than one million users’ smartphones.

Javier Tebas, the head of LaLiga, recently emphasized the organization’s ongoing initiatives to address piracy and highlighted the scale and complexity of the issue.

LaLiga sports organization urging Google to delete unauthorized apps from over one million devices.

LaLiga’s Battle Against Piracy

For the last eight years, LaLiga has been combatting IPTV piracy services. Their anti-piracy team has identified over 46,000 IP addresses globally that illicitly stream live sports events.

The latest figures from the European Intellectual Property Office indicate a 3.3% rise in piracy incidents in the EU in 2022, underscoring the urgent need to address this issue.

Although the report does not specifically mention LaLiga’s IPTV-related piracy, it is evident that the league faces significant challenges in this realm.

LaLiga has been combatting IPTV piracy services for eight years

Prompt Measures and Successes

In the initial five days of the new football season, LaLiga states that they have “eradicated” 58 illicit apps, which were downloaded by approximately four million users worldwide.

These apps, primarily on the Android platform, were utilized by nearly 800,000 users in Spain to access unauthorized football streams.

The numbers for Apple users are comparatively lower, with around a million users globally and roughly 300,000 in Spain.

However, the term “eradicated” raises uncertainties about the effectiveness and extent of LaLiga’s actions.

The Impact of Piracy on Sports

The Problems

Despite restricting the availability of several apps, LaLiga is encountering challenges in addressing existing copies already installed on user devices.

The active apps remain problematic as they can leverage functioning internet infrastructure, allowing pirates to rebrand and reintroduce apps into the market easily.

Collaborative Endeavors

LaLiga has formed partnerships with technology firms like Google to identify and remove apps already present on user devices.

Tebas emphasizes the crucial necessity for such collaborations and draws parallels between eliminating apps associated with offenses like child exploitation and those breaching intellectual property rights.

Tebas argues that if technology can be harnessed to combat severe crimes, it should also be utilized to protect intellectual property.

Protection of Intellectual Rights and Child Safety

The specific comparison between child safety and safeguarding intellectual property is significant in these conversations.

It raises questions about our priorities and the level of enforcement required to safeguard intellectual property.

While protecting intellectual property is essential, maintaining a balanced approach that respects individual rights and safety is crucial.

Influence of Piracy on Sports

Sports organizations like

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