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Lunar IPTV Service Review – Avoid this Scam IPTV Provider

lunar iptv

In this extensive review of the IPTV provider Lunar IPTV, we delve into its offering of over 11,000 channels, VOD, five connections, all at $13 per month.

Is Lunar IPTV involved in dishonest practices? Is Lunar IPTV legitimate? Which channels does Lunar IPTV provide? We address these queries and more in this article.

We inquire about the legality of this service as it is absent from popular app stores such as Amazon App Store or Google Play, often indicating an issue.

Lunar IPTV is a provider of IPTV with a lineup of over 11,000 live channels across diverse categories.

The basic package, priced at $13/month, encompasses international, sports, PPV, entertainment, news, and other channel categories.

This package offers five connections, with the option to add more during registration if required.

For those unacquainted with IPTV services, IPTV refers to live television delivered via the Internet.

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IMPERATIVE: We strongly advise using a VPN with unverified IPTV services. For further details, check the link below.

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