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Surfshark VPN Launches Alternative ID – Mask Your Identity

surfshark vpn alternative id

A fresh feature named Distinct ID has been introduced by Surfshark VPN, providing users with the capability to establish an unknown identity online.

Because of its continuous release of inventive features like this, Surfshark VPN stands out as the best VPN for IPTV according to our assessment.

What is Different ID?

Different ID is an inventive feature provided by Surfshark VPN that furnishes a completely new identity and email for your online activities, effectively hiding your genuine identity.

This thrilling product operates based on your preferences for identity creation, resulting in a fresh profile and email address that effectively shields your real identity.

Surfshark VPN has launched a new Different ID

Requiring a newsletter subscription but desire to uphold the confidentiality of your email? Concerned about the vulnerability of your data across multiple websites, especially in the event of a breach?

Look no further; Different ID is the ideal solution to these predicaments and more.

Yet, what are the specific offerings of Different ID? Here’s a rundown of its capabilities:

  1. It produces an alternative digital identity.
  2. It generates an additional email.
  3. It functions as a proxy, securely transmitting emails to your original email address.
  4. Its functionality is adaptable; it operates for as long as necessary and can be modified or eliminated at any time.

Advantages of Utilizing a Different ID

1. It safeguards your email address and name, ensuring your privacy

Envision a common scenario where a website necessitates registration for access to its services or discounts. With Different ID, you can relish these services without compromising your personal information.

It provides protection against one-time-use websites and those with questionable privacy practices.

2. It reduces the risk of receiving spam emails

Absolutely, you can significantly decrease the volume of spam emails you receive. Utilize a Different ID to subscribe to enticing deals or discounts without concern of being inundated with promotional emails.

If a created email address becomes flooded with spam, you can generate a new one with a simple click.

3. It protects your information from data brokers

Particular websites trade personal information with data brokers. Registering with such sites may expose your data to potential breaches. However, with Different ID, your personal data remains secure, keeping it beyond reach from potential malicious actors.

4. It prevents unauthorized access to your real information

By utilizing Different ID, you can avert unsolicited access to your personal information on public forums or marketplaces, protecting against potential online stalking.

Ultimately, Different ID mitigates privacy risks, leading to a safer and smoother online experience.

How to Create Different ID with Surfshark VPN

Follow the screenshots below to produce a Different ID with Surfshark VPN.

1. Sign up for Surfshark VPN if you haven’t already – Click Here for Discount

2. Visit the URL – my.surfshark.com/alternative-id and click on Create a Different ID.

How to Create Different ID with Surfshark VPN

3. Then, create your different ID email. Click Continue once done.

Next, create your different ID email. Click Continue when finished.

4. Enter the personal email address to which you want this new different email to be linked. Then click Create Alt email.

Enter the personal email address to which you want this new different email to be linked. Then click Create Alt email.

5. Click Got it when you see this message.

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