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USTVGO Shut Down – What Happened & New Details (2023)


This in-depth piece delves into the recent cessation of USTVGO and presents an overview of the surrounding occurrences.

Multiple Iptv Knowledge subscribers and website visitors have reported technical issues affecting USTVGO and its affiliate, USTV247.

Previously, USTVGO stood as one of the most commonly utilized streaming live TV platforms, granting free entry to diverse categories, which encompassed sports and assorted forms of entertainment.

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USTVGO Ceased Operation

Upon visiting the official USTVGO website, a message displays: “Sorry, we are closed.

The website was renowned for facilitating access to live athletics, news, entertainment, global stations, children’s programs, and a variety of free IPTV selections.

USTVGO has been one of the best live TV streaming sites for years with millions of website visitors.

Initially, there were speculations suggesting a copyright protection entity assumed control of the domain. Nonetheless, the exact details regarding the closure remain obscure.

An official statement from the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) has emerged, confirming its responsibility for the discontinuation.

After conducting multiple probes, ACE discovered that USTVGO’s operators were located in Vietnam.

An ACE spokesperson remarked on the situation, stating: “Vietnamese piracy operators have been engaged in some of the most blatant piracy actions globally, causing substantial damage to local and international markets, establishing Vietnam as a piracy hotspot. Apart from USTVGO, we have identified several other piracy operators in Vietnam and are deploying all necessary resources to halt their actions.

Previously, courts and pertinent authorities in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore had decreed USTVGO domains to be infringing on copyrights and mandated ISPs to block access to them.

Despite USTVGO’s widespread utilization, it did not feature on the US government’s roster of prime piracy threats in the “Notorious Markets” report.

According to the FAQs on the website, the operators contended that “watching is legal.” Nevertheless, it was evident that the content was being redistributed without proper licensing.

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A discussion on a Reddit thread revealed that the USTVGO-concurrent Discord server had also disappeared.

Moreover, the original USTVGO Twitter account has been suspended.

ustvgo twitter account suspended

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It is imperative for users to safeguard themselves against potential fraudsters who might seek to exploit the “USTVGO” name on diverse domains.

USTVGO Details

The USTVGO streaming site provided over 100 channels spanning diverse genres, including Sports, News, Entertainment, Kids, and more, along with a complimentary electronic program guide (EPG) for individuals favoring TV guides.

Various clones of this site exist, one of which is USTV247, offering akin channels and layouts.

Presently, only a select few VPNs have been confirmed to be compatible with USTVGO, with Surfshark VPN being a trustworthy VPN that ensures functionality.

It’s worth noting that some channels may not function seamlessly unless connected to Surfshark or another compatible VPN.

You will find that not all channels work properly unless you are first connected to Surfshark or another compatible VPN.

Post connection with Surfshark, you’ll observe that USTVGO channels play without any glitches.

Note: Should you encounter any error messages, we recommend switching servers within the Surfshark VPN application and refreshing the page.

After connecting to Surfshark, you will find that channels within USTVGO are now playing without issues.

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