Amazon Launching New “Fire TV Channels” Service – Free Live TV

Amazon Introduces New Fire TV Channels Offering

An announcement has been made by Amazon regarding the upcoming launch of a fresh service that will showcase over 400 complimentary live channels.

This approaching service, titled “Fire TV Channels,” is slated to offer free live TV and will work similarly to Pluto TV and The Roku Channel.

Amazon has made an announcement regarding the imminent introduction of a fresh service that will feature more than 400 complimentary live channels.

According to Amazon, this service is expected to launch in the summer of 2023 and will deliver 400 cost-free live channels. This new feature will be compatible with Amazon Firesticks and other Fire TV devices.

We anticipate that this addition will greatly benefit individuals who have shifted from traditional cable services and have already integrated streaming applications and live TV services into their viewing habits.

Due to their cost-effectiveness and simplicity of jailbreaking, most cord-cutters choose to utilize Firesticks and Fire TV devices for accessing live television.

Due to their affordability and ease of jailbreaking, most cord-cutters opt to utilize Firesticks and Fire TV devices when it comes to accessing live television.

Amazon shares in-depth information about the “Fire TV Channels” offering in their official press release:

“Additional complimentary live and on-demand content will now be accessible to Fire TV customers in the U.S. with the introduction of Fire TV Channels–no subscriptions or fees necessary.

As of this week and building upon Fire TV’s current FAST offerings, Fire TV Channels offers users immediate access to a unique collection of fresh content from over 400 providers, thoughtfully organized within popular categories like local and national News, Sports, Music Videos, Entertainment, Food & Cooking, Video Games, and more.”

These 400 live channels will include content from the NHL, Xbox, and TMZ, and will also introduce an entirely new Travel category.

The Travel category will offer guides and other resources related to trending tourist destinations. Content will be provided by Tastemade Travel, Rick Steves’ Europe, Travel Hacks (Pack Hacker), and Condé Nast Traveler.

The Travel category will provide guides and other resources related to trending tourist destinations. Content will be supplied by Tastemade Travel, Rick Steves’ Europe, Travel Hacks (Pack Hacker), and Condé Nast Traveler.

This new Fire TV Channels feature will combine premium complimentary content across a wide range of customer interests, courtesy of renowned household names such as ABC News, CBS Sports HQ, FOX Sports, Major League Baseball, NBC News Now, Martha Stewart, and America’s Test Kitchen.

Whether users want to catch up on the latest news or sports, or plan a dream vacation, Fire TV Channels will provide an ideal platform. Trending content playlists like NHL Playoff Highlights can be easily located via Fire TV’s ‘Free’ tab and Home screen, allowing instant playback with just a single click, ensuring viewers always have something enjoyable to watch.

Customers will also have the chance to delve deeper into their areas of interest through dedicated category pages for numerous live and on-demand video playlists, which are continuously updated throughout the day.

In the summer, Fire TV will consolidate all these FAST categories into a single, user-friendly service with the introduction of the Fire TV Channels destination.

This seamless experience will offer customers more opportunities to discover and enjoy a vast collection of content, providing a convenient, tailored viewing experience.

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For further information about Fire TV Channels and additional details, please view Amazon’s video below.

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