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BeStreamWise: A Look Into This New IPTV Anti-Piracy Campaign


BeStreamWise, a fresh campaign in the realm of IPTV anti-piracy, asserts that illegal streams provide access to criminals.

Amid a landscape where IPTV services, both legitimate and unauthorized, dominate, an awareness drive has emerged.

BeStreamWise, with its rallying cry “Unlawful Streams Let Criminals In,” targets the deterrence of pirated IPTV services in the UK.

Despite its comparatively quiet launch, the campaign’s unique strategies and heavy backers warrant closer examination.

A new IPTV anti-piracy campaign called "BeStreamWise" is claiming that illegal streams let criminals in.

The Backers of BeStreamWise

Prominent entities in the UK media landscape, including Sky, Premier League, FACT, ITV, CrimeStoppers, and the UK Intellectual Property Office, are spearheading this recent awareness initiative.

However, its low-key rollout without press releases or substantial media participation seems unusual given its significance.

Nevertheless, the campaign hasn’t gone unnoticed. A 15-second video from BeStreamWise has amassed over 484,000 views on YouTube, indicating a potentially more direct online engagement approach.

Behind the BeStreamWise Campaign

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