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Downloader App is Back in the Google Play Store

Reinstatement of the Downloader Tool in the Google Play Store

The Downloader Utility is now officially back in the Google Play Store!

The removal of the Downloader Utility a few weeks back came about due to unjust claims of infringement by a legal firm representing Israeli television companies.

However, as per a report from AFTVNews, the popular Downloader Tool is once again available in the Google Play Store.

Upon searching for “Downloader Tool” in the Google Play Store, the appropriate page should be easily located.

If you had installed the Downloader Utility from unofficial sources while it was unavailable, it is advised to uninstall that version and install the Google Play Store version to ensure that you have the most up-to-date application and continue to receive updates.

Downloader Tool's Return to the Google Play Store

The developers of the Downloader Utility, AFTVNews, shared the news on social media:

The Downloader Utility is used by millions of users to sideload APKs not available in the Google Play Store.

If you are using an Android device, searching for “Downloader Tool” in the Google Play Store should now yield the results you are looking for.

Developer of the Downloader Utility, Elias Saba, expressed the following regarding this shutdown:

“The Downloader Utility was offline for 20 days, all due to the flawed DMCA with no consequences for individuals or TV companies on the other side of the world that opt to exploit it for their own benefit. Though it was only inaccessible for about 3 weeks, the application has now suffered a 47% decrease in its active users compared to the day before it was removed.

If you can spare a moment and leave a positive review for the application to aid its recovery from the downtime, it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you to everyone who supported the application’s return and to all the insightful articles written about the unjust removal of the application.”

Altogether, it’s heartening to observe the community unite and help highlight this unjust removal.

It will be interesting to see what unjust DMCA removals the future holds. Hopefully, the Downloader Utility is here to stay in the Google Play Store!

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