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Iconic Streams Shut Down by ACE – What Happened

iconic streams closed

Iconic Streams, a preferred IPTV Service, has been officially shut down by ACE.

Widely used by thousands of cord-cutters worldwide, Iconic Streams, the official site of which is now offline and won’t be reactivated, has ceased operations.

Upon visiting the original Iconic Streams domain, users are greeted with ACE’s announcement:

The official website of Iconic Streams is now offline and will not be coming back.

An ACE press release stated that Iconic Streams, focused on delivering over 3,500 channels, particularly premium sports channels, has been inaccessible since June after ACE’s intervention with the operator in Dresden.

Shutting down of significant IPTV services is not uncommon, as seen with the closures of Beast IPTV and Sapphire Secure.

Although some Iconic Streams users have turned to Free IPTV Apps, these alternatives are often unreliable and prone to constant buffering.

Below is a list of top Iconic Streams alternatives.

IMPORTANT: It is highly recommended to utilize a VPN for securing your online anonymity and concealing your IP Address while using IPTV services.

For further details about VPNs and their significance when using IPTV services, visit Best VPN for IPTV.

iconic streams closed by ace

Iconic Streams Closed Down – Alternatives

Below are presently working and installable IPTV providers as of writing.

Additionally, you can find these alternatives in our Finest Legal IPTV Providers guide.



fuboTV, favored by sports enthusiasts worldwide, is a prominent paid legal IPTV provider.

Notably, fuboTV offers a 7-Day Free Trial for new users, allowing them to test the service without commitments.

Providing three different plans, the most popular plan costs $64.99/month for over 115 channels and DVR.

fuboTV – Google Play Store

locast tv

Locast TV

Locast TV, a free live TV app for streaming local channels without cable on any device, offers free access to local programming in over 100 US cities.

For more details, refer to our guide on Streaming Local Channels Without Cable using Locast TV.

How to Install Locast TV

Locast TV – Google Play Store

philo iconic streams alternative


Costing $20.00/month for over 60 channels and unlimited DVR, Philo provides a reliable entertainment and news channel selection.

Similar to fuboTV, Philo offers a 7-Day Free Trial for new users.

Philo – Google Play Store

pluto tv

Pluto TV

A widespread free and legal IPTV application, Pluto TV offers hundreds of live channels in addition to thousands of movies and TV shows.

Refer to our guide on How to Install Pluto TV APK for more details.

Pluto TV – Google Play Store

Altogether, these listed IPTV services are excellent alternatives to Iconic Streams.

For those seeking a new IPTV service, consider these alternatives to Iconic Streams mentioned above!

For detailed reviews of other popular IPTV services, go through the following:

Iconic Streams Closed Down FAQ

What are the finest Iconic Streams alternatives?

The best Iconic Streams alternatives include fuboTV, Locast TV, Philo, and others listed in this article.

What occurred to Iconic Streams?

Iconic Streams was closed down by ACE and does not seem to be returning.

Is IPTV authorized?

As the availability of some apps is limited through popular app stores, it is challenging to determine the proper licensing of an IPTV app or service.

Is IPTV protected?

The safety of using an IPTV service depends entirely on the specific service. Due to unknown developers and potential privacy concerns, it is advised to pair the use of free or low-cost IPTV apps with a VPN.

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