Italy Passes New Law to Block Pirate IPTV Services

Italy Approves New Legislation to Restrict Pirate IPTV Services

A fresh law has been embraced in Italy to hinder unlawful pirate IPTV services and other unauthorized live transmission forms.

In its pursuit of preventing unlawful streaming sources and illicit IPTV services, the Italian Senate has given the thumbs-up to this regulation.

Italian Senate Approves Fresh Legislation to Prohibit IPTV

The recent measure is aimed at quashing live events showcasing “illegally disseminated content” through the swift implementation of precautionary measures.

Prior to this, Italy has taken steps against cyber piracy by impeding streaming entities and even restricting accessibility to applications such as ChatGPT.

Though the exact specifics of the system are not yet fully outlined, it seems that the Italian Authorities for Communications or AGCOM will wield ultimate supervisory control.


The most recent decree intends to abruptly terminate contentious broadcasts via various measures.

Ultimately, Internet service providers (ISPs) will have the power to nullify access to unlawful streams by obstructing traffic to IP Addresses linked to broadcasting.

The latest bill aims to stop illegal broadcasts directly by implementing "swift blocking measures."

In accordance with the bill, AGCOM has the authority to instruct service providers, including network access providers, to disallow access to illegal content by disabling DNS resolution of domain names and blocking traffic routing network to IP addresses associated with illicit activities. AGCOM can also mandate the blockage of future domain names, subdomains, or IP addresses facilitating access to the same illegally disseminated content or similar material.

The legislation also targets live transmissions, including sports events, which will be promptly eliminated using similar hindrance methods.

Italy has approved a new law to prevent pirate IPTV services and other illegal forms of live broadcasting.

Under such circumstances, AGCOM and service providers possess the authority to remove these streams and IPTV broadcasts without needing to undergo a complete judicial process.

In such situations, AGCOM holds substantial power and can demand ISPs, search engine managers, and other online entities to promptly eliminate the content.

The disabling measures are applicable to:

  • network access service providers;
  • search engine managers and information society service providers engaged in website or illegal service accessibility;
  • the European Union Internet Referral Unit of Europol;
  • the person who requested the measure’s adoption.

Upon receiving the notification, network access service providers, search engine operators, and information society service providers engaged in website or illegal service accessibility must promptly adhere to AGCOM’s instructions, within 30 minutes of notification.

Thus, any unlawful broadcast would be ceased within 30 minutes of AGCOM receiving a notification about the stream.

Any data obtained from these hindrance operations will be forwarded to the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Rome for further scrutiny.

Ultimately, this process will likely involve the identification of IP Addresses associated with broadcasting or viewing content deemed illicit.

Not all aspects of the new bill have been fully defined yet, including the technological requirements and tools necessary to deactivate these broadcasts.

While numerous instances of site-blocking measures have been observed globally, Italy’s recent decree seems to be the most all-encompassing and rigorous one yet.

It will be intriguing to witness the implementation of these strategies and whether they will prove effective.

You can peruse the complete bill from the Senato della Repubblica or refer to the original write-up on TorrentFreak.

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