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Jadoo TV Lawsuit – DISH Wins Lawsuit Against IPTV Box Company

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DISH Network has triumphed in a piracy lawsuit against Jadoo TV, a purveyor of IPTV boxes.

Jadoo TV, led by its CEO Sajid Sohail, has been defeated in a protracted legal dispute against DISH Network and the International Broadcaster Coalition Against Piracy (IBCAP).

Jadoo TV, a well-known supplier of IPTV boxes, was implicated in the circulation of pirated content without proper authorization.

The IPTV box distributor Jadoo TV has lost a piracy lawsuit against DISH Network.

Jadoo TV Lawsuit

A summary judgment by the California court holds Jadoo TV and Sajid Sohail accountable for direct, contributory, and vicarious infringement.

This decision is significant as it finds Sohail, the CEO, personally responsible, impacting Jadoo TV’s ongoing bankruptcy proceedings.

In 2018, DISH Network accused Jadoo TV of breaching copyright laws and engaging in a deliberate, large-scale operation to distribute channels exclusively licensed to DISH without authorization, thus violating 17 U.S.C. Section 501.

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Sohail’s alleged authorization, direction, and involvement in Jadoo TV’s copyright infringements also implicate him in the lawsuit.

Jadoo TV and Sohail initially refuted the allegations in 2019. Nonetheless, when DISH Network filed an amended complaint in 2020, the court found the charges presented a plausible inference of Sohail’s involvement and rejected his motion to dismiss.

Jump to March 2023, both DISH and Sohail submitted motions for summary judgment. Judge Charles R. Breyer of the District Court ruled in favor of DISH, denying Sohail’s motion.

The court affirmed DISH’s ownership of the copyrighted material, the defendants’ violation of DISH’s exclusive rights, and Sohail’s personal liability as Jadoo’s director.

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Regarding contributory infringement, the court concluded that Jadoo TV was aware of the infringement and could have taken measures to prevent it, making the company liable.

The court also concurred with DISH’s claim of vicarious infringement, asserting that Jadoo TV financially benefitted from the infringement and failed to control it.

Following these rulings, both parties have been instructed to propose what relief should be provided to DISH within 45 days.

DISH has proposed statutory damages, Jadoo’s profits, legal costs, and a permanent injunction.

The potential statutory damages could amount to $14.5 million if the court agrees to the maximum of $150,000 per work for the 97 works involved.

Additional damages or profits for works published outside the U.S. may also be considered. The final sum remains uncertain, but it is clear that Sohail cannot evade accountability.

This lawsuit, led by IBCAP, has led to Jadoo TV filing for bankruptcy. Nonetheless, with Sohail found personally liable, there is still a possibility for recovery.

Interestingly, despite the lawsuit, the Jadoo TV website is still operational and continues to sell IPTV boxes.

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Chris Kuelling, the executive director of IBCAP, shared his thoughts on the verdict:

“This ruling transcends many other copyright cases coordinated by IBCAP. In this case, the owner and CEO of a popular South Asian service that offered infringing content will not be able to hide behind a corporate shield and has been held personally liable for the damages caused by his and his company’s copyright infringement.”

“IBCAP and its members do not tolerate piracy, and once again, the U.S. courts have not only ruled in our favor by issuing a judgment against an infringing service but have also held the owner personally accountable.”

For more details on this lawsuit, you can refer to the official court documentation (PDF) and the report from TorrentFreak.

You can also watch the video below for a closer look at Jadoo TV’s set-top boxes.

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