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Louisville Media Box Sued by DISH for $5.7 Million in Damages

Louisville Media Box Sued by DISH

DISH Network has initiated legal action against pirate IPTV box distributor, Louisville Media Box, with a claim of $5.7 million in damages for piracy.

Louisville Media Box, known as a local one-stop-shop for the community’s illicit IPTV needs, was easily discoverable through Google search results.

Louisville Media Box

DISH Sues Louisville Media Box

DISH Network, in conjunction with partner Sling, has initiated a lawsuit of $5.7 million against Kevin Hibdon and James Meadows. The accusations involve the unauthorized broadcasting and sale of copyrighted content using illegal streaming boxes.

The legal action alleges multiple violations of the DMCA, specifically for circumventing Sling’s technology measures and engaging in circumvention technology and services.

In October 2021, DISH Network, along with partner Sling, filed a lawsuit against Kevin Hibdon and James Meadows, accusing them of illegally broadcasting and reselling exclusive content through pirate streaming boxes.

The defendants have responded to the complaint with denials and ambiguities, further complicating the case.

Of particular concern is the uncooperative stance of James Meadows in the discovery process, causing anxiety for both DISH and his defense counsel.

Despite court orders and threats of default judgment, Meadows persists in his non-cooperation.

Up to November 2022, Meadows remains involved in the illicit IPTV business, flouting the DMCA despite legal pressures.

He has disregarded cease-and-desist letters, resulting in a default judgment by the court.

cease and desist letters

Hibdon has acknowledged the judgment and a penalty of $1,102,500. Additionally, a permanent injunction has been issued against him to prevent further infringement.

A final report and recommendation by Magistrate Judge Regina Edwards dated July 21, 2023, highlights confusing aspects of the case.

These puzzling elements include mentions of the defendants “rebroadcasting” content through set-top boxes, inconsistent assertions about defeating DRM, and a judgment against Hibdon solely based on set-top box sales without reference to rebroadcasting.

The suggested damages for Meadows amount to $5,735,000, reduced from the initial claim of $7,424,000.

Louisville Media Box – Final Thoughts

The case of Louisville Media Box is intricate and perplexing, characterized by non-compliance and the continuation of illegal practices despite ongoing legal proceedings.

It is baffling why someone would unabashedly persist in such behavior while facing a lawsuit. The involvement of local personalities promoting the business adds to the enigma.

Interestingly, Louisville Media Box still upholds a YouTube channel with a recent video.


This case not only illustrates the intricacies of piracy litigation but also emphasizes the unforeseen developments that can arise in legal disputes.

Whether influenced by the “fresh Kentucky air” or other factors, the extended duration and perplexing conclusion of this lawsuit leave us with a legal narrative that reflects the complex and often confounding nature of piracy litigation.

In the end, this lawsuit serves as a reminder of the challenges and unpredictability inherent in the pursuit of justice in the realm of digital piracy.

It underscores the significance of legal clarity, adherence to due process, and the unforeseen human elements that can transform a seemingly uncomplicated case into a convoluted and baffling legal saga.

For additional information, you can review the official court documentation (PDF) and the original report from TorrentFreak.

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