Over 800 Free Channels Added to Google TV Live Tab

More Than 800 Complimentary Channels Added to Google TV Live Tab

Google TV presently furnishes a collection of over 800 live channels that can be reached from the main screen.

The declaration was issued by Google in a post on its official site.

This recent capability allows users to navigate through more than 800 complimentary live TV channels from diverse providers. It is showcased in an intuitive guide.

Google TV now presents more than 800 free live channels accessible from your main screen.

These channels can be directly accessed within the Live Tab on your Google TV’s main screen.

Utilizers of Google TV might already be familiar with the Live Tab, as it formerly provided an array of channels from Pluto TV and live streaming amenities.

Nevertheless, the most recent update has widened the selection of available channels and now incorporates outlets such as Haystack News, Plex, and Tubi. This implies that there are numerous live channels accessible through M3U integrations.

This update authorizes the incorporation of additional news and localized channels, encompassing NBC, ABC, and CBS, as well as programming in numerous languages.

This extends to more news and localized channels like NBC, ABC, and CBS as well as programming in more than 10 languages!

For extensive streaming, utilizers who subscribe to an IPTV amenity such as fuboTV, YouTube TV, or Sling TV can similarly access these channels in the Live Tab.

This update is now accessible for all Google TV devices, including Smart TVs with integrated Google TV from Sony, TCL, and Hisense.

Holders of Chromecast devices with Google TV can anticipate the implementation of the new feature to their devices soon.

Utilizers of Google TV who possess Chromecast can await the swift introduction of the new feature to their devices.

We evaluated our Chromecast with Google TV and did not detect the presence of the new feature. Nevertheless, we will persist in checking for updates.

Google plans to include this capability into Android TV devices and other IPTV boxes later this year.

For more details on this live TV update, please refer to Google’s video.

Additive Legal Streaming Options

For completely validated and authentic IPTV providers, please peruse the selections detailed below:



fuboTV is a favored paid IPTV provider among cord-cutters globally, particularly sports enthusiasts.

The appealing facet is that fuboTV offers a 7-Day Free Trial to novices, allowing them to trial the service hassle-free.

This IPTV service provides three distinct plans, with the most popular one priced at $69.99/month and encompasses over 115 channels and DVR functionality.

fuboTV Review

fuboTV – Google Play Store



Philo is a trustworthy option for individuals who relish entertainment and news channels. The service is priced at $20.00/month and offers over 60 channels and unlimited DVR.

Similar to fuboTV, Philo also offers a 7-Day Free Trial for newcomers, a crucial feature when selecting an IPTV provider.

Philo – Google Play Store

pluto tv

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is an additional prevalent free and lawful IPTV application employed by countless cord-cutters.

This complimentary IPTV provider offers numerous live channels, as well as an extensive library of movies and TV shows.

For more information, refer to our article on Pluto TV below.

How to Install Pluto TV APK

Pluto TV – Google Play Store

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