Pirate IPTV Arrests – LaLiga Football League Helps Police Arrest Suspects

Arrests involving Pirate IPTV - LaLiga Football League Aids Authorities in Apprehending Suspects

This report from Iptv Knowledge highlights the apprehension of two individuals connected to pirated IPTV.

Continuing the dismantling of illegal IPTV services, three individuals in the UK were recently detained for violating copyright laws.

This time, with the collaboration of the LaLiga Spanish football league, two suspects implicated in an unlawful IPTV operation were arrested.

two suspects who were arrested for involvement in a pirate IPTV operation with the help of the LaLiga Spanish football league.

As per reports, LaLiga had been investigating two individuals, who were eventually arrested by the Spanish National Police on Monday, April 4th.

The IPTV service’s name was not disclosed, but the arrested individuals were suspected of “illegally marketing access to high-quality audiovisual content via the Internet and satellite.”

Allegedly, the total earnings of these suspected pirates from IPTV exceeded €87,500 (US$95,400).

In the official police statement, the Spanish National Police stated:

“They have been detained for offenses related to intellectual property, conditional television broadcasting services, and electricity theft. They possessed advanced technological expertise, using a sophisticated infrastructure to provide services to customers. The economic loss to the owners of the distributed multimedia content is estimated to be over €87,500.”

This isn’t the first time the LaLiga Spanish football league has confronted streaming piracy and illegal IPTV activities.

Many may recall LaLiga’s role in the closure of Mobdro, an erstwhile renowned streaming app worldwide.

Looking forward to 2022, LaLiga is dedicated to combating streaming piracy.

A recent press release from the LaLiga website announced its partnership with CEDRO (Spanish Reproduction Rights Centre).

cedro iptv arrests

CEDRO, an organization of publishers overseeing the protection and collective management of intellectual property rights, has collaborated with LaLiga.

Jorge Corrales, CEO of CEDRO, stated about the new partnership:

“This agreement builds on our ongoing efforts to ensure a secure environment for written culture. With the information provided by LaLiga Content Protection, we can facilitate the blocking of additional domains where our partners’ works are pirated, significantly contributing to the sustainability of authors’ and publishers’ work.”

Clearly, LaLiga has made anti-piracy efforts a priority and will persist in cracking down on rampant pirate IPTV activities.

If any further developments arise, we will keep our visitors informed.

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