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Pirate IPTV Box Sellers Sentenced to Prison

Pirate IPTV Box Sellers Sentenced to Prison

In the wake of an inquiry led by Sky, a pair of individuals engaged in the commerce of illegal IPTV set-top IPTV boxes and unauthorized IPTV services have been sentenced to incarceration by the Belfast Crown Court.

In an ever-changing technological landscape, piracy remains an enduring adversary for intellectual property rights.

Ongoing legal actions underscore the persistent problem of content piracy, with two individuals from Northern Ireland being found guilty of selling pirated IPTV boxes and providing access to illegal IPTV services.

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Men Imprisoned for Dealing in Pirate IPTV Devices

From September 2018 to January 2019, an investigation carried out by Sky and the Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) resulted in the prosecution of Padraig McVicker and Gary Doherty.

Their enterprise based in Belfast was uncovered to be vending devices that enabled pirated TV channels and unauthorized streaming services (IPTV).

Pirate IPTV Box Sellers Sentenced to Prison

It was uncovered that McVicker, the sole proprietor of the business, engaged in various aspects of the satellite TV industry, including the sale, distribution, and promotion of unauthorized decoders.

Devices Altered for Piracy

Despite continued awareness initiatives against the distribution of piracy-enabled set-top boxes and pirate IPTV subscriptions, a significant number of individuals persist in participating in these unlawful practices.

When these modified devices are utilized to stream content without proper licenses and the consent of creators, they violate intellectual property rights and are considered illicit.

Piracy Configured Devices

Detective Chief Inspector Tom Phillips stresses the notable distinction between standard IPTV devices and unlawfully modified ones, pointing out that many fail to recognize the serious violations involved in such services and view them as victimless crimes.

Judicial Consequences

The duo faced charges under several statutes, including the Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988, the Communications Act 2003, and the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002.

They admitted guilt to various offenses, such as “Promoting, Distributing Or Letting For Rent Or Exposing For Sale Or Rent An Unauthorized Decoder,” a clear violation of intellectual property rights.

McVicker, acknowledging possession of equipment for dishonestly obtaining services, also confessed to holding criminal proceeds, contravening the Proceeds of Crime Act.

Custody and Ramifications

McVicker received an eight-month custodial sentence at the Belfast Crown Court, accompanied by an additional eight months on probation, and a concurrent six-month imprisonment for possession of equipment for dishonestly obtaining services.

Belfast Crown Court

Doherty was mandated to perform 175 hours of community service. These sentences serve as a vital reminder of the legal ramifications linked to piracy and the distribution of illicit streaming devices.

Company Reaction

Sky has voiced backing for the convictions and partnered with PSNI to restrict access to pilfered content and safeguard users from the associated hazards of indulging in unauthorized content consumption.

Matt Hibbert, Sky’s Director of Anti-Piracy, underscored the significance of such actions in preserving the integrity of content and user well-being.

Nevertheless, Sky has not disclosed the specific risks to which users of the convicted individuals’ devices were exposed.

An Advisory for Consumers

PSNI, taking advantage of this situation, issued a renewed warning to IPTV service users regarding the legal consequences of utilizing illicit services, reinforcing the idea that such infractions are anything but harmless.

This verdict serves as proof of the unyielding pursuit of law enforcement agencies and content providers against intellectual property infringement, reminding potential offenders of the severe consequences awaiting them.


The conviction of McVicker and Doherty exemplifies the ongoing battle against content piracy.

It’s crucial for consumers to stay observant and educated about the legality surrounding IPTV services and streaming devices.

For more insights on this matter, refer to the report from TorrentFreak.

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