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Pirate IPTV Operator Arrested With Help of Premier League

Pirate IPTV Operator Apprehended With Assistance of Premier League

An individual responsible for the brands Eyepeeteevee and Pikabox, known as Steven Mills, has been given a36 months in prison sentence in Shrewsbury due to a joint investigation conducted by the West Mercia Police, Premier League, and FACT.

These events shed light on the Premier League’s utilization of such reports to bolster its anti-piracy movement against IPTV services.

Apprehension of Pirate IPTV Operator

In 2021, the collaboration between the Premier League, West Mercia Police, and anti-piracy organization FACT resulted in the apprehension of Steven Mills, aged 58.

In spite of claims made on his websites regarding the exclusive sale of hardware, there is evidence suggesting the contrary. Marketing materials for Mills’ brands, Pikabox UK and Eyepeeteevee, clearly indicated the illegal services.


The establishment of Pikabox UK Ltd in 2017 further solidified the basis for his prosecution.

The ‘Illegal Firestick’ Story

The Premier League’s press release on Mills’ sentencing is intriguing. Mills ran an organization selling “Firesticks” through a private Facebook group, with a subscriber count exceeding 30,000.

The press release emphatically focuses on “Firesticks,” a notable emphasis. Despite being legal hardware, it consistently links the term ‘Firestick’ with piracy.


Kevin Plumb, General Counsel of the Premier League, stressed the necessity of raising awareness about the hazards linked with illicit streaming services.

The Premier League’s campaign appears aimed at a demographic associating ‘Firesticks’ and similar terminology with piracy, disregarding the understanding that it’s not the device itself that is problematic.

Further Progress and Communication

The Premier League’s release additionally highlighted measures taken by the police and FACT against users of pirate IPTV services.

Initial estimates suggested around 1,000 domiciliary visits, but the actual count turned out to be considerably lower.

However, those affected were confirmed as customers of Mills. The Premier League indicated that resellers of Mills’ services are presently under scrutiny.

An intriguing element is that Mills was condemned not solely for furnishing illegal content but also for viewing it. This communicates a clear message: even viewing pirated streams can have severe repercussions.

The judge, in handing down the sentence, emphasized the intricacy of Mills’ operation, noting the use of VPNs and tutorial videos to aid customers in accessing unauthorized content.

The Premier League

The Premier League’s emphasis on VPNs is evident, suggesting a strategy to connect VPNs with illegal activities in the public’s perception.

Concluding Remarks

The Premier League’s anti-piracy effort extends beyond prosecuting those implicated in illegitimate streaming.

It represents a comprehensive approach involving shaping public opinion, targeting specific narratives, and utilizing news to amplify their message.

For additional details on this matter, refer to the TorrentFreak report.

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