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PrimeStreams IPTV Operators Being Targeted in Piracy Lawsuit

PrimeStreams IPTV Operators Being Targeted in Piracy Lawsuit

This report from Iptv Knowledge reveals that legal action has been initiated against the persons managing the PrimeStreams IPTV service.

The PrimeStreams platform was a well-known IPTV provider widely popular among cord-cutters globally.

This live TV firm presented a broad array of live channels, on-demand content, pay-per-view events, and more.

operators of PrimeStreams IPTV being targeted in a lawsuit.

Allegedly, DISH Network and Sling TV have taken legal action in a United States court against PrimeStreams IPTV for copyright infringement through their “rebroadcasting” activities.

The official complaint identifies Daniel Scroggins and Steven Daugherty as the purported managers of PrimeStreams IPTV.

It is reported that Scroggins and Daugherty are co-proprietors of PrimeStreams and employed an “Investments” LLC to manage payments linked to the illicit IPTV operation.

primestreams iptv sued

The official court documentation details the PrimeStreams IPTV operation as:

“PrimeStreams was marketed as a subscription-based streaming service presenting over 3,000 channels, on-demand films, pay-per-view events, and sports programming, among other content, all for a nominal monthly charge.

When viewing the Programming on the PrimeStreams service, the Programming retransmitted was obtained from Plaintiffs’ internet communications. Unique identifiers associated with Plaintiffs’ internet communications were detected during the playback of the Programming on the PrimeStreams service.”

Additionally, the court documents disclose that PrimeStreams employed multiple domains to vend their illegal IPTV service, such as:

  • primestreams.tv
  • primestreamstv.com
  • primehosting.one

The operators of PrimeStreams IPTV also utilized “resellers” to sell additional subscriptions to their IPTV operation under assorted brand names.

Some of these “reseller” brands include Bing TV, Better Than Cable TV, and Firesticksteve (FSS).

firesticksteve iptv

PrimeStreams Operators Neglected Notifications

The official court document indicates that the defendants (PrimeStreams operators) were informed around September 24, 2021, that their activities violated federal laws and were directed to halt.

It appears that the operators either disregarded or dismissed this notice, culminating in the initiation of this substantial lawsuit.

Although the exact amount is unspecified, it is probable that DISH Network is pursuing millions of dollars in reparation for copyright infringement from the PrimeStreams IPTV operators.

Recently, DISH Network took legal action against another unlawful IPTV enterprise, securing over $500 million for a lesser degree of infringement.

To peruse the official subpoena document, kindly access it below.

PrimeStreams & DISH Network Court Document (PDF)

Ultimately, the outcome of the PrimeStreams case and DISH Network’s next targets await close observation.

Is IPTV Lawful?

At Iptv Knowledge, our role does not involve ascertaining the licensing status of unverified IPTV services, applications, or add-ons.

If an IPTV service is deemed illicit, we swiftly inform our users and update our reports accordingly.

In the end, it is the responsibility of the user to verify the legality of the content accessed through unpaid IPTV apps and paid services.

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