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SuperVPN Data Breach – Over 360 Million User Records Exposed

supervpn data breach

SuperVPN, a well-liked complimentary VPN service, has experienced an extensive data leak resulting in the exposure of over 360 million user records.

Users of IPTV facilities and cord-cutters frequently choose free VPN services to protect their online activities.

In spite of being the most economical alternative for online confidentiality, free VPN services usually come with a much higher price than expected.

These complimentary VPN services must find ways to generate income, which frequently involves trading user data with external parties.

SuperVPN is a well-established provider of complimentary VPN services within this category.

SuperVPN Data Breach

Data Breach at SuperVPN

Reports reveal that the data exposed in the SuperVPN breach included users’ email addresses, details about their devices, IP addresses, geo-location information, and more.

According to reports, the exposed records from SuperVPN users included their email addresses, device info, IP Addresses, geo-location data, and more.
These records depict user emails, IP addresses, and the IPs of sites they attempted to connect to.

The size of the exposed records is reported to be 133 GB, signifying a substantial amount of data.

A significant portion of the leaked data comprises sensitive information, including links to websites visited by app users.

Additional records exposed in the SuperVPN data leak include:

  • Geolocation data
  • Original IP addresses
  • User email addresses
  • Records of servers utilized
  • Unique app user ID numbers and UUID numbers
  • Phone or device model, operating system connection type, and VPN app version
  • Refund requests from users who purchased the Pro version

It is evident that the volume of data compromised in this breach is extensive and poses serious concerns for individuals who downloaded or used the SuperVPN application.

When consulting the Support Page of SuperVPN, we learn that this VPN provider does not retain any logs related to users’ visited websites.

“SECURITY MEASURES: Super VPN keeps no logs which enable interference with your IP address, the moment or content of your data traffic. We make express reference to the fact that we do not record in logs communication contents or data regarding the accessed websites or the IP addresses.”

However, this SuperVPN data leak reveals that these assertions are entirely false, as these records or “logs” were accessible in the breach.

supervpn support page

It is also crucial to note that SuperVPN was previously implicated in another data leak in March 2023.

SuperVPN Available in Leading App Markets

Adding to the issue is the fact that SuperVPN is still widely accessible for download in reputable app markets.

These app markets include the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and others.

Following the recent removal of Downloader from the Google Play Store, it’s disheartening to observe the continued availability of an exposed free VPN service.

SuperVPN is Available in Popular App Stores

Of particular interest is the redirection of the developer’s official website (supervpn.best) to their Google Play Store page.

For additional details on this incident, you can watch the informative video below and refer to the original report by VPNMentor.

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