World’s Largest Pirate Anime Site Shut Down by ACE –

zoro to shut down

Reports indicate that, the largest infringing anime platform, has been effectively taken down by ACE.

Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) is a worldwide organization combating piracy that has successfully eliminated numerous unlawful streaming platforms.

Regarding Anime websites, verified and unverified options abound for IPTV services, streaming applications, and streaming platforms.

We lack information about the licensing of content on these streaming apps/sites, so we depend on ACE’s reports, such as this one, to inform our visitors about the legality of streaming websites.

Zoro to Shut Down

Strong Impact of Shutdown

The latest target ofACE is, a popular anime streaming platform, which has been successfully removed.

Upon visiting the official website (, users are greeted with the message: “This site can’t be reached.”

zoro to this site can used to be the leading hub for pirated anime, attracting a staggering 205 million monthly visitors. was the world

This occurrence shines a light on the issue of online piracy and the ongoing efforts to combat it, such as the enforcement of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Vietnam has observed a surge in piracy in recent years, prompting significant concerns among prominent American rights holders. In response, the Vietnamese government has taken action to pursue and shut down notorious piracy websites, including 123movies, Putlocker, Kisscartoon, 123movieshub, and GoMovies.

Nevertheless, new piracy websites continue to emerge, some of which draw over 200 million monthly visitors, prompting heightened scrutiny and action from rights holders and anti-piracy organizations like ACE.

Recently, ACE met with Vietnamese authorities to discuss safeguarding online content, with specifically identified for complete shutdown in order to prevent re-establishment under a different identity.

ACE has already accomplished the closure of 2Embed on July 4, a platform that served as a video library for numerous others. Rebrands as Aniwatch

Rumors began circulating about substantial transformations occurring at

Over a week ago, a message surfaced on an anime forum disclosing the rebranding of as a new website named “Aniwatch.”

zoro to rebranding message

Without any explanation, changed its domain to, featuring an entirely novel design and announcing a change in the development team.


This domain change is atypical for piracy websites and suggests possible enforcement actions against

In the subsequent days,’s domain records were updated to point to nameservers utilized by the MPA for confiscated domains, further indicating pressure from ACE/MPA or local authorities.

Zoro.toUSTVGO Shut Down by ACE

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