9Anime Pirate Site Rebrands to AniWave After Legal Issues


Following legal issues, the widely known platform for pirated anime, 9Anime, has renamed itself as AniWave.

Nevertheless, what prompted this unexpected change? Does it solely result from legal pressures, or is there more to the situation?

Let’s explore the progression of illicit content distribution, the rise of 9anime, and the legal obstacles that ultimately led to this alteration.


9Anime Becomes AniWave

Back in 2016, 9Anime emerged as a powerful player in anime piracy, swiftly rising as one of themost famous platforms for streaming anime worldwide.

With an astonishing 110 million monthly visits, it became the top choice for anime enthusiasts. However, such popularity inevitably brought legal complications.


The Legal Challenges

Holders of rights and anti-piracy groups, like the ACE coalition, actively worked to block 9Anime.

The site, along with other industry leaders such as Fmovies and Putlocker, was part of a piracy conglomerate based in Vietnam.

This led to various legal conflicts and resulted in ISP blockades globally, making access to the site increasingly difficult. However, the operators of 9anime persisted, at least initially.

DMCA issues and ISP blocks

If you visit the original website of 9Anime (9anime.to), you will come across the following message from the operators.

message from the operators

A similar message was also posted on the 9Anime Twitter account.

The Move to AniWave

The sudden announcement of the rebranding as Aniwave surprised many. The site’s operators explained that issues with the DMCA and ISP blocks prompted this decision, redirecting all 9Anime domains to aniwave.to.

Rebranding to AniWave

By doing so, they circumvent ISP blockades and Google’s downranking measures related to the DMCA. Nevertheless, the decision to entirely rebrand raises queries.

Several unauthorized 9Anime clones are still active, and this abrupt change could confuse users.

Rumors are circulating without concrete details. Hollywood has lately strengthened its connections with Vietnamese authorities.

Meetings between the MPA, ACE, and Vietnam’s Ministry of Public Security suggest deeper collaboration to combat online piracy and copyright infringement.

Curiously, other piracy platforms associated with Vietnam shut down after these meetings. The timing of 9Anime’s rebranding, given its link to Vietnam, raises suspicions.

9Anime Rebrands to AniWave – Final Thoughts

The renaming of 9Anime to Aniwave is a complex story illustrating the larger battle against piracy. While the official explanation cites legal pressures and ISP blocking, recent interactions between Hollywood and Vietnamese authorities hint at a deeper significance.

What this transformation signifies for anime piracy and its impact on the fluid landscape of online content sharing still needs to be fully comprehended.

Will AniWave flourish under its new name, or has one of the major anime piracy sites in the world suffered a significant setback? Only time will reveal the full implications of this unexpected rebranding.

This isn’t the first instance of major anime sites being shut down by ACE and other anti-piracy organizations.

For more details on this story, you can visit this Reddit thread and read the original report on TorrentFreak.

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