ACE Shuts Down Popular IPTV Hosting Websites

ACE Shuts Down CableKill and CK Hosting

Reports indicate that ACE has closed down popular IPTV hosting websites such as CableKill, CK Hosting, and various other pirate sites.

ACE, a worldwide organization focused on combating piracy, has successfully shut down numerous illicit streaming sites.

The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) is a global anti-piracy organization responsible for shutting down hundreds of pirate streaming sites.

When it comes to IPTV services, streaming apps, and streaming websites, there are numerous verified and unverified options available.

We rely on ACE and similar anti-piracy organizations to inform our visitors about the legality of streaming websites.

ACE Shuts Down CableKill and CK Hosting

Two prominent IPTV hosting websites, CabelKill and CK Hosting, have been targeted by ACE in this instance.

CableKill, which had a significant YouTube following, was a highly popular IPTV review/hosting website.


Established around five years ago, offered tutorials on circumventing cable providers with pirate apps.

The website claimed to enable users to bypass major companies, watch any movie or TV show at their convenience, and access live sports events from any location, all for minimal to no monthly fees.

In hindsight, the use of certain logos by the website led to issues. For instance, the sports streaming app Mobdro encountered significant problems in 2021, and Area51 was shut down by ACE in 2020 and subsequently fined $272k in damages.

ACE Shuts Down CableKill

The operators of Gears TV had to repay millions and are currently serving prison sentences.

The precise reasons for ACE/MPA obtaining the domains and remain unclear.

ck hosting

The latter operated under the brand name CK Servers and has also come under MPA/ACE control.

The latter operated under the brand name CK Servers and was also brought under MPA/ACE control on Friday.

Possible reasons for the acquisition may include hosting popular free pirate apps, selling set-top boxes pre-configured for piracy, or promoting, selling, and/or hosting premium IPTV services.

While the specific details are not publicly available, any of these reasons would justify ACE’s actions.

The operators of CableKill and CK Hosting further exposed themselves by making both their email and physical addresses public, making it easier for ACE to take action against them.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the operators of CK Hosting and CableKill, as well as which pirate streaming sites ACE will target next. We will keep our visitors informed as soon as more information becomes available.

This isn’t the first time we have witnessed well-known streaming sites being shut down by ACE and other anti-piracy authorities.

For more information on this story, you can watch the video below and read the article from TorrentFreak.

Legal Streaming Options

Iptv Knowledge cannot determine whether unverified IPTV services, apps, websites, or add-ons have obtained the necessary licensing.

If a streaming website is deemed illegal, we promptly inform our users and update our reports accordingly.

In conclusion, the end-user is responsible for the content accessed through free streaming sites, apps, and paid services.

For more information on the legality of IPTV and everything you need to know before streaming, please read our comprehensive guide below.

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