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BREIN Seizes Pirate IPTV Domains & GoFastIPTV Operator Sued

BREIN Confiscates Pirate IPTV Domains

The Dutch anti-piracy organization BREIN has taken control of several pirate IPTV domains, including GoFastIPTV, leading to legal action against the individuals behind this questionable IPTV service for compensation.

The Internet is a vast expanse of opportunities, offering easy access to a myriad of valuable information and entertainment options.

However, it has also become a hotspot for piracy, particularly with the proliferation of IPTV services that offer premium content at remarkably discounted rates.

BREIN, the Dutch anti-piracy organization, has been at the forefront of efforts to dismantle these illicit operations, ensuring the enforcement of copyright laws and just compensation for creators.

BREIN, the Dutch anti-piracy group, has spearheaded efforts to bring down these illegal operations, ensuring that copyright laws are upheld and creators are rewarded for their efforts.

A War Against Pirate IPTV Services

Although a deal offering access to premium TV shows, movies, and other media content at a fraction of the normal price may seem alluring, these seemingly attractive deals usually come with strings attached. BREIN has been relentlessly pursuing these pirate IPTV services to safeguard the interests of creators, producers, and legitimate distributors.

In 2017, BREIN achieved a groundbreaking victory at the European Court of Justice, which ruled that the sale of devices pre-configured to access copyrighted material was illegal.

Referred to as the “Filmspeler” decision, this ruling led to the downfall of numerous sellers of pirated streaming boxes.

Empowered by the GS Media ruling, which declared that profit-driven companies could not link to content that infringes copyright, BREIN found itself armed with substantial legal ammunition.

BREIN Shuts Down GoFastIPTV Service

Building on these legal successes, BREIN targeted several illegal streaming operations.

An outstanding example was the case of GoFastIPTV.eu, notorious for offering unauthorized access to a wide array of on-demand titles, movies, TV shows, and pay-TV channels.

BREIN Shuts Down GoFastIPTV Service

Tracing the identity of the operator proved to be a demanding challenge. Following leads from the UK to Brazil, which eventually led to a dead-end in Portugal, it seemed that apprehending the culprits would be an elusive feat.

However, a breakthrough occurred through the cooperation of the Dutch Rabobank, which was used by the IPTV service for payment processing.

Although initially hesitant, the bank eventually collaborated, under a court order, enabling BREIN to pinpoint the operator in South America.

As a result of this discovery, BREIN managed to secure a conditional settlement of €70,000. Furthermore, if the service were to resume, the operator would be subject to a fine of €25,000 per day, with an additional fine of €10,000 for each subsequent infringement.

Tying up Loose Ends

Despite this victory, a crucial puzzle piece remained missing. BREIN sought to gain control of the domains associated with the IPTV service, which, unfortunately, were registered under the name of a scapegoat.

Obtaining these domains required yet another court order, but they were eventually relinquished by the EU registry. While these domains were not operational, their acquisition ensured that they would not be utilized for illicit purposes.

It took yet another court order, but finally, the domains were handed over by the EU registry. While these domains weren

The path to securing these domains was far from smooth for BREIN. As Tim Kuik, the director of BREIN, points out, “The intermediaries involved could have cooperated faster… in ending this illegal trade and identifying the anonymous trader.”

Kuik’s comments highlight the challenges that many anti-piracy groups face in their endeavors.

A Victory, But With Caveats

As BREIN revels in its triumphs, the fight against online piracy continues. While redirecting the confiscated domains to a page that highlights the illegality of pirate IPTV services seems appropriate, it is essential to note that thepiratebay.org remains operational.

When questioned about this, Kuik acknowledged the difficulties associated with seizing domains, particularly when dealing with entities like The Pirate Bay.

The rapid emergence of new domains following seizures indicates that the battle is far from over.

Final Thoughts

BREIN’s unwavering stance against pirate IPTV services and their relentless pursuit will persist.

While the war against piracy is ongoing, groups like BREIN will continue to target pirate streaming services, playing the massive game of “whack a mole.”

This is not the first time BREIN has taken action against IPTV services.

For more information on this story, you can view the official report from BREIN or the article from TorrentFreak.

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