GoFastIPTV Service Settles with BREIN for $70,000 in Damages


This article from Iptv Knowledge discusses the settlement of GoFastIPTV with the anti-piracy organization BREIN.

GoFastIPTV was a TV service that claimed to have thousands of customers worldwide.

This live TV provider offered numerous live channels, VOD, PPV, and other content.

gofastiptv settles with brein

BREIN Reaches Settlement with GoFastIPTV

According to reports and an official press release, the anti-piracy group BREIN has been targeting numerous pirate IPTV service providers, players, and tools over the recent years.

BREIN is an anti-piracy group located in the Netherlands with a motto that emphasizes “the art of protecting the creative.”


Recently, BREIN’s latest target appeared to be a pirate IPTV provider named “GoFastIPTV.”

Reportedly, the pursuit of the operators of GoFastIPTV involved companies in Brazil and the UK, covering various locations around the globe.

gofastiptv website

A crucial piece of evidence leading BREIN and other authorities to the operators of GoFastIPTV was the utilization of the Dutch Rabobank for processing payments.

As a result, BREIN engaged in legal processes and Rabobank was compelled to cooperate and share payment data.

All this information ultimately enabled BREIN to locate the operators of GoFastIPTV in South America, of all places.

However, subsequent to the settlement with BREIN, the GoFastIPTV website is no longer operational.

But since the settlement from BREIN, the GoFastIPTV website is no longer operational.

Subsequent communication and legal procedures conducted by BREIN eventually resulted in a €70,000 settlement with the former operator of GoFastIPTV.

The other conditions of this settlement also include a fine of €25,000 per day if the GoFastIPTV service is ever reinstated, and a €10,000 penalty for each future violation.

Communication and legal procedures conducted by BREIN eventually resulted in a €70,000 settlement with the former operator of GoFastIPTV.

As per the official BREIN press release, they stated the following regarding this case:

“The settlement includes a declaration of abstention with a penalty clause of 25,000 euros per day and 10,000 euros per infringement (i.e. provided IPTV package, link or another reference) in addition to compensation of 70,000 euros, part of which is conditional.”

The total settlement amount of €70,000 seems modest when compared to previous IPTV shutdowns witnessed.

For additional information on this story, you can access the official press release below.

GoFastIPTV Settlement – BREIN Press Release

In summary, it will be intriguing to observe the developments with the operators of GoFastIPTV and which services are next in BREIN’s sights.

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