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Canadian ISPs to Block Pirate IPTV Streams for MLB Games

Canadian ISPs to Block Pirate IPTV Streams for MLB

Currently, Canadian ISPs are legally empowered to halt unauthorized IPTV streams.

A groundbreaking anti-piracy order has been granted by the Federal Court of Canada, empowering copyright holders.

Under this flexible decree, ISPs are mandated to hinder unauthorized IPTV streams for the ongoing MLB season.

Canadian Internet service providers (ISPs) can now legally block pirated IPTV streams.

This restriction chiefly pertains to Toronto Blue Jays’ matches and designated events.

In a prior instance, Canada’s Federal Court of Appeal endorsed the country’s initial site-blocking edict against pirates in 2021.

This groundbreaking ruling paved the way for more frequent and sophisticated blocking petitions.

Following the triumph of the NHL’s blocking actions, NHL broadcasters pursued their own IPTV piracy restriction order.

The Federal Court, subject to specific protective provisions, granted this petition for the current season.

An independent expert, appointed by the Canadian Internet Policy and Public Interest Clinic (CIPPIC), assessed the proposed blocking measures for efficacy and proportionality.


Following the effective execution of blocking measures for the NHL, similar steps were taken for the previous FIFA World Cup. Consequently, copyright holders redirected their focus to the MLB.

Recently, the Federal Court of Canada authorized another sports streaming impediment.

Responding to complaints raised by Rogers and TVA, Canadian ISPs are now compelled to obstruct IP addresses transmitting Toronto Blue Jays’ games.

This prohibition diverges from previous ones as it predominantly applies to matches played by Canada’s singular MLB team.

Moreover, it encompasses MLB Jewel Events, namely All-Star games and the World Series, owing to Rogers and TVA’s ownership of the broadcasting rights.

Pursuant to the court order, during MLB Live Game Windows, the “Third Party Respondents should block or make attempts to block access, specifically of their residential wireline internet service customers, to the IP addresses of the Target Servers,” stated Judge Lafrenière.

Although undisclosed, the specific gaming windows and server IP addresses are likely to include favored IPTV streaming services in Canada.

Should streaming services endeavor to evade the blockade, these IP addresses may undergo updates throughout the season.

The restriction measures will persist until the culmination of the 2023 MLB season in October. To perpetuate the blockades in subsequent seasons, copyright holders will necessitate an extension from the court.

Conversely, regarding expenditures and grievances, ISPs are absolved of any involvement in copyright infringement pursuits and compensated for implementing the blocking measures, capped at a maximum of CA$50,000.

To ensure conformity with detection and notification prerequisites, the Court has, as in prior instances, designated an independent expert to review the IP addresses presented for blocking.

The Court, as in past instances, has appointed an independent expert to examine the IP addresses submitted for blocking to ensure adherence to detection and notification requirements.

One of the affected ISPs, TekSavvy, had previously opposed blockades. However, further protest was deemed fruitless by the company, which will now comply with the existing injunction.

TekSavvy stresses that entities impacted by these measures retain the legal right to oppose them in court, with said parties including affected server operators, internet service customers, or any other purportedly affected third party.

To date, Canada has issued four blocking orders. Presently, solely the original “GoldTV” blockade and the most recent MLB blockade remain active.

The NHL order has lapsed and would necessitate renewal for the forthcoming season should copyright holders seek to sustain it.

Intriguingly, traditional pirated streaming and torrent sites have yet to be obstructed in Canada.

While a complain against Soap2Day could have catalyzed the inaugural attempt to restrict such sites, the streaming site chose to cease operations following the served notice.

This marks not the first occasion witnessing ISP blockades concerning pirated streams.

Comprehensive insight can be gained by inspecting the legal documentation (PDF) and the report on TorrentFreak.

Legal Streaming Options

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