Flawless IPTV Service Operators Sentenced to 30+ Years in Jail

impeccable iptv operators sentenced to jail

The group managing the Impeccable IPTV service has been collectively handed imprisonment terms of over 30 years.

It has been reported that five individuals affiliated with the “Impeccable IPTV” undertaking were found guilty and sentenced following a private lawsuit by the Premier League on May 30, 2023.

Impeccable IPTV was among the most significant internet protocol television services in the UK, boasting more than 50,000 subscribers and substantial earnings.

The operators of Impeccable IPTV have been sentenced to a combined 30 years in jail.

This IPTV provider asserted to offer a broad array of live channels, VOD content, and other amenities at a considerably reduced price compared to conventional cable TV.

The five men affiliated with the “Impeccable IPTV” endeavor were Mark Gould, Steven Gordon, Peter Jolley, Christopher Felvus, and William Brown.

These five men were jointly given imprisonment terms exceeding 30 years. The sixth defendant, Zak Smith, did not appear in court, and an arrest warrant has been released.

This service generated approximately £4.6 million in revenue, with £3.7 million in profit that was fairly unevenly distributed among the incarcerated individuals.

impeccable IPTV was one of the largest IPTV services operating in the UK with over 50,000 subscribers and generated millions in revenue.

Impeccable IPTV Operators Sentenced to Jail

Mark Gould: Regarded as the key figure behind Flawless, Gould received an 11-year prison sentence for two counts of conspiracy to defraud and contempt of court.

Steve Gordon: Gordon’s significant involvement resulted in approximately £1 million, according to the prosecution. He received a sentence of five years and two months for two counts of conspiracy to defraud and contempt of court.

Peter Jolley: Jolley’s reported share of the profit was £773,000. He was sentenced to five years and two months for two counts of conspiracy to defraud and money laundering.

Christopher Felvus: Felvus received a relatively modest share of £164,500. He was sentenced to three years and eleven months for two counts of conspiracy to defraud.

William Brown: Brown’s share amounted to just £15,000. After pleading not guilty and losing his case, he was sentenced to four years and nine months for two counts of conspiracy to defraud.

Zak Smith: Smith’s earnings from Impeccable were less than £5,000. He did not appear in court, and an arrest warrant has been issued.

Impeccable IPTV Operators Sentenced to Jail
Bodycam images show Mark Gould on his couch as his residence was searched. (Image Source: BBC News)

Impeccable IPTV Raid

Private investigators acting on behalf of the Premier League conducted searches at the accused operators’ residences, revealing surprising findings.

A spare bedroom was found to contain multiple set-top boxes specifically designed to illicitly access live sports feeds from broadcasters in the UK, Qatar, the US, Australia, and Canada.

Dozens of set-top boxes were set up in a spare bedroom that were manufactured to steal live sports feeds from broadcasters
Bodycam images show dozens of pirate set-top boxes used to steal feeds. (Image Source: BBC News)

A spokesperson for the Premier League issued the following statement:

“The Premier League relies on selling broadcast rights to make a significant financial contribution to the entire football pyramid. We are pleased that the courts recognize the importance of protecting the Premier League’s rights through verdicts like this. We will continue to investigate and prosecute illegal operators at all levels to safeguard our rights and our fans.”

This is not the first instance of notable IPTV services facing legal issues or shutdowns:

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