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Pirate IPTV Reseller Sentenced to 5 Years in Jail – Now a Fugitive

Pirate IPTV Distributor Given 5-Year Prison Sentence

A person involved in the illicit spread of pirate IPTV services has received a 5-year imprisonment and is currently evading the authorities.

The Liverpool Crown Court has imposed a five-year jail term on a 54-year-old individual, who was vending unlawful IPTV subscriptions.

In 2018, BT alerted the police about Mark Brockley, and his Twitter account @Infinity_IPTV, which he utilized for vending unauthorized subscriptions, was deactivated.

Mark Brockley was reported to the police by BT in 2018, and his Twitter account @Infinity_IPTV, which was used to sell illegal subscriptions, was suspended.

Reports suggest that Brockley charged £15 monthly for a subscription and conducted over 5,200 transactions, yielding more than £237,000 in revenue.

Brockley has been found culpable of supplying items for deceitful use and avoiding income tax through deception.

An individual involved in the unauthorized distribution of pirate IPTV services has been given a 5-year prison sentence and is currently evading authorities.

Nevertheless, Brockley has reportedly absconded from the country with his dog and is presently considered a fugitive. The City of London Police is appealing to the public for assistance in finding him.

The City of London Police

The authorities suspect that Brockley did not flee alone, but with his dog, and believe he might have traveled to France.

The City of London Police are urging individuals with any information on the whereabouts of Brockley to come forward, including providing anonymous tips through the Crimestoppers hotline.

Brockley was also involved in the trade of spirits through his Anfield Gin company following his illicit IPTV activities, but the company’s website is no longer accessible.

For more details, you can read the report on TorrentFreak.

Several highly visible IPTV services have encountered legal problems or been closed down before, presenting a recurring issue.

Legal IPTV Streaming Options

Iptv Knowledge is unable to confirm whether unverified IPTV services, apps, websites, or add-ons possess the requisite licensing.

If an IPTV service is deemed unlawful, we promptly inform our users and update reports to reflect this information.

Conclusively, the end-user assumes responsibility for all content accessed through free IPTV apps and paid services.

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