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Northern IPTV Service Shut Down by ACE – What Happened?

northern iptv

Northern IPTV has been officially closed down by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE).

A widely used IPTV Service called Northern IPTV was favored by multitudes of cord-cutters around the globe.

northern iptv shut down

The official website of Northern IPTV is now offline and will not be revived.

Upon visiting the original Northern IPTV domain, ACE’s message is displayed:

The official website of Northern IPTV is now offline and will not be coming back.

As per a press release from ACE’s official website, they detailed the operation of the Northern IPTV service.

“Northern IPTV was an Ontario based IPTV subscription service with over 2200 live channels and video-on-demand (VOD) content. The pricing varied from $17.85-$45.00 and more than 50% of the services were used by Canadian customers.”

Subsequently, it seems that Northern IPTV was illicitly distributing live channels and VOD content for which they did not hold the rights.

In the same press release, the MPA’s Executive Vice President and Chief of Global Content Protection commented on the shutdown:

“This is a crucial action in ACE’s continuous endeavor to diminish piracy in Canada and across the global creative ecosystem. We are committed to safeguarding our creative workforce and the content it creates.”

Nevertheless, a swift Google search for “Northern IPTV” reveals a website asserting to be the official service.

northern iptv website

Further investigation revealed that it was BestBuyIPTV presenting itself as “Northern IPTV.”

Frequently, unverified IPTV services like BestBuyIPTV fabricate false services or use previously prominent names like “Northern IPTV” to conceal their identity and lure more customers.

This isn’t the initial instance of acclaimed IPTV services being shut down:

Though some Northern IPTV users have shifted to Free IPTV Apps, these often suffer from inconsistency and frequent buffering.

Below is a compilation of the top alternatives to Northern IPTV.

CRITICAL: We recommend safeguarding yourself with a VPN when using any IPTV service. This will conceal your IP Address and preserve your anonymity online.

For detailed information on VPNs and why they are indispensable when using IPTV services, visit the link below.

Best VPN for IPTV

Northern IPTV Shut Down – Alternatives

At present, the listed IPTV providers below are operational and ready for installation.

These choices are also included in our article on the Best Legal IPTV Providers.

northern iptv alternative vidgo


Vidgo is an excellent substitute for Northern IPTV for various reasons.

This live TV service provides over 95 live channels and prominent sports packages starting at $10 with our Special Discount.

This encompasses access to NFL Redzone, ESPN, Bein Sports, ABC, FOX Sports, TLC, Discovery, and more!

For more details about Vidgo, check out our comprehensive review by following the link below.

Vidgo Review



fuboTV is among the favored paid lawful IPTV service providers for cord-cutters globally, particularly sports enthusiasts.

The highlight is that fuboTV offers a 7-Day Free Trial for new users! This offers the opportunity to test the service without any obligations.

This IPTV service presents three distinct plans, with the most popular one priced at $64.99/month for over 115 channels and DVR.

fuboTV – Google Play Store



Philo is a solid choice for those who appreciate entertainment and news channels. This service is available for $20.00/month, offering over 60 channels and unlimited DVR.

Similar to fuboTV, Philo also provides a 7-Day Free Trial for new users! This feature is essential when selecting any IPTV provider.

Philo – Google Play Store

pluto tv

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is another widespread free and legitimate IPTV application being utilized by millions of cord-cutters.

This Northern IPTV substitute offers hundreds of live channels along with thousands of movies and TV shows.

How to Install Pluto TV APK

Pluto TV – Google Play Store

In essence, the aforementioned IPTV services all present sturdy alternatives to Northern IPTV.

If you are seeking a new IPTV service, explore the aforesaid Northern IPTV alternatives!

Northern IPTV Shut Down FAQ

What happened to Northern

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