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Two Pirate IPTV Operators Get 36 Months in Prison Plus Fines

Pirate IPTV Operators Get 36 Months in Prison

36 months in prison and $18 million in compensations were given to two buccaneer IPTV providers.

In a milestone decree by a specialized IP court in Sweden, two men accountable for managing a rogue IPTV organization have been condemned to 36 months in prison.

The investigation, which extended over several years, was commenced by undisclosed hints and resulted in the unearthing of 47 precious metal bars and substantial evidence which led to their convictions.

Additionally, the court mandated the pair to repay over $18 million in compensatory damages to broadcasters.

Two pirate IPTV operators were sentenced to 36 months in prison plus  million in damages.

Whistleblowers vs. Snitches

The long-standing adage that “no individual likes a snitch” is frequently dependent on the context and the beneficiaries of the information.

Whistleblowers, who normally jeopardize their safety to expose misconduct, are often viewed more favourably.

In this instance, an undisclosed tip in 2019 to the anti-piracy group Nordic Content Security (NCP) instigated a four-year-long investigation.

Nordic Content Protection

A Collection of Ideas

The initial tip-off pointed to an illicit IPTV network in Gävle. Interestingly, in 2020, another tip reached NCP, this time from Gävle’s police, who had received similar information.

The trail of tips didn’t end there. A year later, NCP was approached by an individual who had purchased an IPTV device from the service for about $260 and was willing to sell it to them.

The Investigation Deepens

The unnamed IPTV service underwent meticulous scrutiny, both online and offline. The police, during their surveillance, resorted to wiretapping.

This resulted in several domiciliary searches in October 2021. The raids in Gävle and Sandviken unearthed computers linked to the IPTV system sold to the anonymous informant.

Further evidence indicated that while one individual from Sandviken had rented servers, the other from Gävle managed the service’s software.

The Scale of the Operation

The police raids in 2021 effectively dismantled an IPTV service that had been operational since September 2017.

With over 12,000 customers, the service seemed to have generated substantial income.

An indication of this was the discovery of 47 gold bars in the Sandviken man’s residence and a whiskey collection valued at approximately $91,600 in the Gävle man’s home.

Furthermore, cash and bitcoin amounting to roughly $65,900 were found.

The Verdict

The case was brought before the Patent and Markets Court in Stockholm, which specializes in intellectual property matters.

The court inferred that given the extensive customer base, the IPTV service was likely the main revenue source for the two men.

The case was presented at the Patent and Markets Court in Stockholm

Despite maintaining their innocence and choosing silence during the trial, the two primary suspects were found guilty.

They were convicted of criminal copyright infringement and given 36-month prison sentences.

The damages, totaling a staggering $18 million, were to be paid to C More, Warner Bros. Discovery, and primarily to Viaplay.

For context, it’s worth noting that the founders of The Pirate Bay, a notorious file-sharing website, were sentenced to pay $6.5 million following their 2009 convictions.

Their combined jail time was 22 months, significantly less than the 72 months given to the IPTV operators.

Last Ideas

This case underscores the seriousness with which intellectual property rights are taken, especially in countries like Sweden.

The substantial sentences and fines are a clear message to potential copyright infringers about the risks involved. As technology continues to evolve, so do the tactics of piracy and the efforts to combat it.

For more information on this story, refer to the report on TorrentFreak.

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