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Police Arrest College Student for Involvement in PikaShow App

Police Arrest College Student for Involvement in PikaShow App

A student, enrolled in college, has been confine by law enforcement in India for his involvement in the PikaShow streaming application.

PikaShow was an unauthorized streaming service permitting access to copyrighted films and television programs.

Police in India have put a college student under arrest for his implication in the PikaShow streaming application.

This unlicensed streaming program garnered considerable popularity among individuals who opted to discontinue their cable TV subscriptions over time. PikaShow was even recognized by the US government as a “premier piracy risk.”

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The college student who was seized in association with the PikaShow streaming app hails from Rajasthan, India.

Law enforcement affirmed the detainment of the individual, a college attendee, for breaching copyright based on a complaint filed by Star India, as stated by Anoop Shetty, the Deputy Commissioner of North East Police.

The Deputy Commissioner of North East Police, Anoop Shetty, verified the detainment of the individual, a college student, for breaching copyright based on a complaint lodged by Star India.

Anoop Shetty made the following assertion regarding the arrest:

“We have apprehended Shisharam Badiya from his place of origin in Rajasthan for infringing copyright based on a complaint filed by Star India.”

He is charged with streaming copyrighted material from Star India and Disney+ Hotstar on PikaShow and generating revenue through adverts.

Prompted by the track of the suspect’s cell phone number, the police made the arrest.

An increasing number of users have hinted at the waning popularity of PikaShow, with many attributing the application’s decline to the monetization of pirated content.

Recently, PikaShow

Several users have also insinuated the likelihood of alternative applications supplanting PikaShow.

Currently, numerous domains adopt counterfeit ‘PikaShow’ branding and fraudulently allege to provide the official application.

Numerous domains now display fraudulent ‘PikaShow’ branding asserting to provide the official application.

We earnestly advise users to steer clear of anything linked to the “PikaShow” streaming application.

Displayed below is the official source and prior legal documentations on PikaShow.

Indian Police Make Arrest in Content Piracy Case – The Economic Times

PikaShow Legal Documentation (PDF)

For additional details regarding PikaShow, watch the video provided below.


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