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Police Warn Pirate IPTV Users by Making Home Visits

Law Enforcement Officials Visit Homes of Alleged Pirate IPTV Users

Reportedly, individuals suspected of utilizing pirated IPTV services in the UK are now being visited at their residences by law enforcement officials.

Information indicates that police forces in the UK, in concert with FACT UK, have been making house calls across the United Kingdom to serve notices to individuals involved in the unauthorized streaming of content.

The UK police are now making home visits to alleged users of pirate IPTV services.

More than 1,000 individuals engaging in illicit IPTV activities were identified by the West Mercia Police following their raids.

This specific IPTV service had been distributing sports and entertainment content through altered boxes and Firesticks.

Citizens are being reminded by law enforcement officials in the UK that engaging in illegal IPTV services is not only criminal but also dealt with severely by the courts within the UK.

West Mercia Police

A report from FACT UK highlights the stories of two individuals, Paul Faulkner and Stephen Millington, who were handed 16-month prison sentences for streaming content illegally.

Authorities are also cautioning users of pirate IPTV services about the extra dangers associated with such unlawful streaming operations.

Suppliers of unlawful live TV services are frequently tied to organized criminal groups engaged in deception, fraud, trafficking, firearms dealing, malware, and more.

A statement from a Detective Chief Inspector involved in the case reads:

“Viewing films, TV series, and live sports events from unauthorized sources is unlawful and can expose consumers to risks such as data theft and malware. Furthermore, it can contribute to the funding of organized criminal groups. PIPCU is pleased to support this enforcement activity, and we will continue working with our partners to take action against those who use and supply illegal streaming services.”

A National Coordinator of the Government Agency Intelligence Network (GAIN) also commented on the operation:

“This operation has involved months of collaborative hard work, and the warning notices issued are an excellent example of adopting a multi-agency approach between FACT and the Police. By working in partnership, sharing intelligence lawfully and efficiently, the network aims to ensure that government agencies and law enforcement will help reduce the risk, threat, and harm from serious and organized crime.”

Below is the official press release from FACT UK for further information.

FACT UK Press Release

It will be intriguing to observe any subsequent developments regarding these home visits to pirate IPTV users and the targets of anti-piracy organizations.

Watch the video below for more details on this story.

This is not the first time prominent IPTV services have come under scrutiny by authorities:

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