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Surfshark VPN Releases New Dynamic MultiHop Feature

Surfshark VPN Releases New Dynamic MultiHop Feature

Surfshark has introduced a cutting-edge Dynamic MultiHop feature in its VPN applications.

Users can now take full control over the entry and exit points of their VPN traffic with the MultiHop functionality, allowing them to manually select connection routes, such as connecting from the US to the UK and vice versa.

Surfshark has released a new Dynamic MultiHop feature within its VPN applications.

The addition of Dynamic MultiHop brings a multitude of benefits that are sure to be appreciated by Surfshark VPN users.

The official press release from Surkshark provides more detailed information about this enhanced feature:

“The introduction of Dynamic MultiHop enables complete customization of your connection. Unlike the previous MultiHop, which only offered a set list of server pairs, this update allows selection of dual VPN countries from over 100 server country locations!

In addition to customization, Dynamic MultiHop enhances security and potentially boosts speeds.”

Prior to the availability of Dynamic MultiHop, Surfshark offered only a limited selection of MultiHop connection options.

However, this recent upgrade now allows for the customization of connections by selecting preferred servers globally.

Before Dynamic MultiHop was released, Surfshark provided a short list of MultiHop connection options.

By doing so, users can reinforce connections, improve VPN speeds, and gain access to geo-blocked content.

Surfshark is recognized as the Foremost VPN for IPTV thanks to continuous product enhancement and the introduction of advanced features like Dynamic MultiHop, among other factors. These factors include unlimited connections, rotating IP addresses, a strict no-log policy, CleanWeb browsing, a kill switch for Firestick/Android devices, over 3,200 servers worldwide, and more.

Surfshark is the Best VPN for IPTV because they continually improve their product with upgraded features like this among several other factors.

Engaging with Dynamic MultiHop

Follow the simple steps below to utilize the new Dynamic MultiHop feature on any Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, or Android phone. This tutorial will use a Windows PC as an example.

It remains uncertain if or when this feature will be available on Firestick & Android TV devices; however, mobile and PC users of Surfshark VPN can now try it out!

1. Log in to your Surfshark VPN account and click on MultiHop.

How to Use Dynamic MultiHop

2. Choose your preferred MultiHop server selection. In this example, we have opted for Canada – United States.

Choose your MultiHop server.

3. Allow some time for your connection to be established.

Wait for your connection to establish.

4. Congratulations! You are now connected through Dynamic MultiHop.

You are now connected via Dynamic MultiHop.

If you need more information on Surfshark’s Dynamic MultiHop feature, refer to the video below.


Dynamic MultiHop is an outstanding feature, and we will keep our users informed about any future updates introduced by Surfshark!

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