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ATN IPTV Service Ordered to Pay $16 Million in Piracy Lawsuit

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The ATN IPTV facility was directed to remit more than $16 million in compensations for a lawsuit concerning piracy.

ATN IPTV functioned as a well-recognized live TV subscription in Sweden, providing a broad range of global channels.

ATN IPTV was a commonly used live TV facility in Sweden that presented numerous worldwide channels.

Lawsuit against ATN IPTV Facility due to Piracy

Records from 2013 revealed that the IPTV facility generated about $7 million in income and duly fulfilled its tax obligations.

Nevertheless, the controllers of ATN IPTV were apprehended for unlawful infringement of copyrights in 2016, subsequent to a police operation, and were mandated to pay $24 million in compensations.

In spite of this, ATN opted to continue its functions with overseas distributors but encountered legal challenges in 2020, resulting in the existing lawsuit by DISH.

ATN actually continued its business operations with overseas distributors but ran into trouble again in 2020 leading to this most recent DISH lawsuit.

DISH alleged that the individuals conducted business using the pirate IPTV label “ElafnetTV,” which described itself as the “Largest Arabic IPTV Provider in the World.”

After disregarding takedown notifications, IBCAP/DISH lost their patience and pursued $150,000 in legal fees for no less than 107 registered works, totaling $16,050,000.

Subsequently in May 2021, Nezar Saeed Hammo, the marketing manager for Alfa TV, filed for bankruptcy in Florida. Following this, DISH filed a motion to hold Alfa TV Inc and Hisham Ibrahem in contempt of court.

In July 2022, the court declared that a trial by jury had been arranged for July 3, 2023. Following six months of silence, a sudden flurry of activity unfolded.

The International Broadcaster Coalition Against Piracy (IBCAP) recently commemorated successes for its member, DISH, in the Florida district court.

International Broadcaster Coalition Against Piracy (IBCAP)

The IBCAP’s declaration included the subsequent proclamation:

“A federal district court and a federal bankruptcy court, both situated in Florida, ruled that Hisham Manse Ibrahem and Nezar Saeed Hammo, sellers based in the United States of the pirate service ATN, must pay $32,100,000 in total damages for willful infringement of copyrights.” ”

Ultimately, it will be interesting to observe the progress concerning ATN IPTV, Alpha TV Inc, and the individuals involved in the case.

This is not the initial occurrence where notable IPTV facilities have become subjects for media behemoths and anti-piracy organizations.

For further details on this story, you can refer to the original article from TorrentFreak.

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