SmoothStreams IPTV Service Shut Down by ACE & MPA

smoothstreams iptv shut down

The SmoothStreams IPTV has been officially shut down by ACE and the MPA.

SmoothStreams was a beloved IPTV platform employed by thousands of cord-cutters globally.

SmoothStreams IPTV has officially been shut down by ACE and the MPA.

This provider supplied numerous live channels, PPV, VOD packages, and more for under $15 monthly.

SmoothStreams IPTV Shut Down

The original website of SmoothStreams IPTV (smoothstreams.television) is now offline and will no longer be active. When visiting the original SmoothStreams domain, the following message appears:

The official website of SmoothStreams IPTV is now offline and will not be coming back.

After thorough investigation, it was found that a “SmoothStreams” Reddit thread with over 2.8K members has deleted all of its posts.

smoothstreams iptv reddit

According to reports, users of SmoothStreams IPTV have experienced multiple issues with the service starting in mid-July, indicating the supplier’s demise.

One source suggested that the live TV supplier was experiencing significant technical challenges, while another source hinted that SmoothStreams was under legal pressure.

It was eventually confirmed that the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), the Motion Pictures Association (MPA), and others had effectively closed down the SmoothStreams IPTV operation.


It was reported that on June 17, 2022, several media companies in Canada (Bell Media, Rogers Media, and more) filed legal statements against two individuals.

The alleged operators behind SmoothStreams are identified as Marshall Macciacchera and Antonia Macciacchera.

The plaintiffs claimed that these individuals are the proprietors and operators of various SmoothStreams IPTV domains, which include the following:

  • smoothstreams.television
  • live247.television
  • streamtvnow.television
  • starstreams.television

The plaintiffs ultimately obtained a court injunction to permanently shut down SmoothStreams.

This injunction prevents Marshall and Antonio Macciacchera from operating any SmoothStreams-affiliated websites and mandates them to surrender control of any infringing infrastructure.

The interim order further requires the alleged operators to provide any financial details of their assets to the plaintiffs.

The story then describes two areas in Canada that were targeted for seizure, but the alleged operators of SmoothStreams did not fully cooperate.

Despite this, the search was later executed, and the report noted the following:

“During the search, the plaintiffs’ representatives seized dozens of TV receivers and encoders, plus various servers believed to have been used for capturing and redistributing the infringing content available through SmoothStreams. However, when these were disconnected, a few dozen streams remained up – and Marshall refused to explain why that was the case.”

The report goes on to explain how the alleged operators of SmoothStreams IPTV were identified.

It was noted that the plaintiffs had been investigating this IPTV operation for 4 years, which indicates this pursuit was not inexpensive, and additional details are likely to be released in the near future.

Overall, it will be interesting to see what unfolds with the operators of SmoothStreams IPTV and who is next on ACE’s radar.

This is not the first time we have seen prominent IPTV services get shut down by ACE and other authorities:

Refer to the video below for more information on this story.


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