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Nitro TV Operators Ordered to Pay Over $100 Million in Damages

Nitro TV Operators Ordered to Pay Over 0 Million in Damages

Iptv Knowledge’s news report encompasses the litigation against the overseers of the Nitro TV IPTV service.

Stipulated by a US court, the Nitro TV operators are mandated to remunerate in excess of $100 million to DISH Network, Sling, and NagraStar for breaches related to the facilitation of illegal TV streaming.

In the past, Nitro TV was a distinguished IPTV facility employed by countless streamers globally.

This supplier of live TV furnished a broad selection of live channels, VOD, PPV, and similar offerings.

This Iptv Knowledge news report covers the operators of Nitro TV IPTV being targeted in a lawsuit.

Suit Seeks Millions in Damages against Nitro TV Operators

In August 2021, DISH Network lodged a lawsuit against the Nitro TV operators for flouting the Federal Communications Act and violating copyrights.

The defendants in the lawsuit were identified as Alex, Anna, Martha, and Osvaldo Galindo, the proprietors of Nitro TV.

These individuals illicitly obtained unauthorized material from DISH satellite broadcasts and Sling’s programming.

Based on court records, Nitro TV marketed over 100,300 subscriptions providing access to numerous unlicensed live channels and VOD material.

nitro tv iptv lawsuit

An estimated $5 million in proceeds from Nitro TV subscriptions was funneled into two bank accounts owned by the illicit IPTV operators.

In February 2022, DISH Network, Sling, and NagraStar collectively sought reimbursement exceeding $100 million for violating copyright regulations and the Federal Communications Act.

nitro tv lawsuit dish network

A District Judge ultimately decreed a statutory compensation of $100,363,000 for DISH and NagraStar against the defendants.

In addition to the fiscal indemnity, the official court verdict also included supplementary directives for the claimants (DISH Network and NagraStar).

nitro tv operators sued for millions

The official court dossier delineates details concerning the Nitro IPTV enterprise as follows:

“The defendants are permanently barred from (1) accessing or aiding others in the unauthorized access to DISH’s satellite communications or their content, including through the Nitro TV service or similar internet streaming platforms; (2) vending or distributing any apparatus or gear designed for unauthorized access to DISH’s satellite communications, television programs, or their content, including codes or credits used for the Nitro TV service or like internet streaming platforms; (3) circumventing DRM or any other technological safeguard for accessing Sling’s programming, including the use of Sling subscription accounts to supply Sling programming for the Nitro TV service or similar internet streaming platforms.”

To delve into further details, refer to the official judgment provided here.

Nitro TV & DISH Network Court Document (PDF)

This scenario is not unique, as we have observed media conglomerates and copyright authorities litigating against IPTV operators on prior occasions.

Ultimately, it will be fascinating to monitor the future of Nitro TV and which services DISH will set its sights on.

Legality of IPTV

Iptv Knowledge does not ascertain whether unverified IPTV services, apps, or add-ons hold the requisite licenses.

If an IPTV service is found to be illegitimate, we promptly apprise our users and revise our reports correspondingly.

In summary, end-users bear the responsibility for all content accessed through free IPTV apps and paid services.

To learn more about the legitimacy of IPTV and what is essential to know before streaming, glance through our full guide below.

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