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Rojadirecta Sports Streaming Site Ordered to Pay Over $500,000


A court battle has resulted in a ruling that Rojadirecta must pay over $500,000 as a victory for Mediaset, according to a report by Iptv Knowledge.

Rojadirecta, a highly visited sports streaming platform attracting millions of monthly users, has faced this legal setback.

Rojadirecta Sports Streaming Site

Rojadirecta Directed to Pay More Than $500,000

Reports indicate that Rojadirecta has been tasked with compensating Mediaset with damages exceeding €500,000, as outlined in an official press release from the latter.

Initially, Mediaset had claimed damages of a substantial €29 million, making the final sum comparatively modest.

The legal action follows measures in several countries, including Denmark, Uruguay, and the United Kingdom, mandating that internet service providers (ISPs) block access to the Rojadirecta platform.

rojadirecta website

In a recent development, the prominent media corporation Mediaset Italia pursued legal action against Rojadirecta in an Italian court.

mediaset italia

Mediaset accused Rojadirecta of breaching copyright laws, and the court in Rome ruled in favor of the former.

The court’s decision mandates Rojadirecta to compensate Mediaset with €500,000 for infringing copyright, and also pay €24,786.00 for interest and legal costs.

According to the official statement by Mediaset, the situation is summarized as follows:

“The Court ruled that Rojadirecta is fully responsible for making all sports content acquired by Mediaset since 2010 available to the public in a systematic and unlawful manner. Rojadirecta has been ordered to compensate Mediaset with a total of €529,579.50, along with €24,786.00 for interest and legal fees.”

The press release also specifies that Rojadirecta must compensate Mediaset Italia for the infringement of commercialized audiovisual copyrighted content.

Given previous IPTV shutdown cases, this settlement amount of €529,579.50 seems relatively low.

For more details regarding this news, the official press release can be accessed below.

Mediaset Italia Press Release – Rojadirecta

In conclusion, the future of Rojadirecta and which streaming platforms might be the next targets of copyright authorities remains uncertain.

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