Super Arab IPTV Seller Sued for $2.1 Million in Damages

super arab iptv

Courts are demanding $2.1 million in compensation from a distributor of the Super Arabic IPTV over alleged violations of intellectual property rights.

The Super Arabic IPTV, widely used by a multitude of individuals worldwide who have chosen to terminate their cable subscriptions, has drawn significant attention as a popular IPTV service.

Super Arabic IPTV service: a prevalent IPTV service utilized by many individuals who have opted to discontinue their cable subscriptions globally.

Super Arab IPTV Seller Sued

An individual in Texas is facing a $2.1 million legal judgment for allegedly violating copyright laws, at the behest of DISH Network as per a report from the International Broadcaster Coalition Against Piracy (IBCAP).

The seller in question had been served multiple warnings of copyright infringement relating to the distribution of the Super Arabic IPTV but chose to ignore them. DISH Network has initiated legal action against this individual.

The lawsuit was filed by DISH Network.

DISH Network has alleged that the Super Arabic IPTV breached its rights by broadcasting Al Arabiya, Al Jazeera Arabic News, and CBC channels without the requisite authorization.

It is claimed that the accused seller offered the Super Arabic IPTV through numerous retailers, including Walmart and Amazon.

The accused seller was alleged to have sold the Super Arabic IPTV service through various vendors, including Walmart and Amazon.

DISH persistently sent cease and desist notices to all involved parties, including retailers such as Amazon and Walmart, yet the illicit IPTV operations continued to thrive and generate sales.

The Texan court arrived at a decision, stating that the seller’s infringement had been deliberate, evident from the “repeated receipt of infringement notices demanding the termination of distribution, sale, and promotion of the Super Arabic IPTV service in the United States.”

Chris Kuelling, the executive director of IBCAP, made the following statement:

“This case highlights the consequences when a local reseller ignores IBCAP’s requests to halt their activities. A judgment exceeding $2 million against a Texas resident reinforces our stance – copyright infringement through the sale of pirated services carries severe consequences. We will uphold this ruling against the Super Arabic service dealers, non-affiliated parties of Super Arabic, and the transfer of crucial domains related to the service.”

For official details on this matter, please refer to the resources below.

Official IBCAP Press Release

Official Court Documentation (PDF)

In summary, it remains to be seen whether there will be further developments in the case of the Super Arabic IPTV, and what entity may be the next target for anti-piracy organizations.

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