SviCloud IPTV Box Operators Arrested by Police


A group of individuals linked to the distribution of the notorious SviCloud streaming boxes has been apprehended by the Taiwanese police.

The arrest, hailed by the Alliance For Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), marks a significant milestone in the ongoing fight against copyright infringement and illicit content dissemination.

On September 27, the Taipei Police announced the successful operation against the SviCloud distributors.

This was no small-scale operation; authorities seized over 1,000 illegal Android Boxes and detained seven individuals in connection with the case.

Seven individuals were arrested by Taiwanese officials for the distribution of the notorious SviCloud streaming boxes.

All About SviCloud

If you’re unfamiliar with SviCloud, it is a “Fully Loaded” Android TV Box.

This entails pre-loaded different streaming apps, granting users access to a wide range of complimentary content. For instance, “SuperBox IPTV” exemplifies this.

These boxes present several appealing features, such as over 1,000 HD TV channels, an extensive library of 200,000+ VOD content, specialized apps for children, karaoke functionalities, and high-definition live sports streaming.

All About SviCloud

These devices come in varying models, with prices ranging from $150 to an impressive $240 for the “Ultimate Device for Home”. Surprisingly, despite the recent raid, the official SviCloud website remains accessible and operational.

Considerations of Fully Loaded Boxes

Whilst the offerings of SviCloud boxes may be alluring, it is crucial to grasp the potential risks and concerns related to such devices.

One key worry is the possible inclusion of pre-installed malware in these boxes. This not only compromises user privacy but also heightens cybersecurity threats.

Additionally, these “Fully Loaded” boxes are frequently generic Android TV devices.

Sellers typically install a range of apps and APKs on these boxes to facilitate streaming. However, many of these streaming apps offer access to copyrighted content, rendering the distribution and utilization of these boxes illegal.

Considerations of Fully Loaded Boxes

Moreover, unsuspecting customers often pay a high price for these boxes, attracted by the promise of free content. In reality, they end up paying a significant premium for a cheap, generic device.

Reasons for Focusing on SviCloud

Out of all the vendors in the market, why did the Taiwanese investigation concentrate on SviCloud? The answer lies in their notoriety.

SviCloud has gained infamy as one of the most prolific distributors of these illicit devices, making them a prime target for authorities aiming to make a substantial impact.

In response to the raid, Jan van Voorn, the Executive Vice President and Global Content Protection Chief at the Motion Picture Association (MPA) and Head of ACE, stated:

“On behalf of all ACE members, I commend the Taiwan Police for swiftly taking action against the seven distributors of illegal streaming devices and for reaffirming their commitment to dismantling similar operations…

These criminals infringed upon the intellectual property rights of various ACE members, but this recent action underscores the value of our partnerships with law enforcement agencies worldwide. Collaborations like this are crucial to our global campaign against piracy and in safeguarding legal content platforms.”

This is not the first instance of authorities arresting operators involved in the distribution of pirate streaming devices.

For additional details on this story, refer to the official press release from ACE.

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