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UK Police and Sky Join Forces in IPTV Raids: Four Arrested

UK Law Enforcement and Sky Unite in IPTV Raids Four Detained

Teaming up with Sky TV, authorities in the UK have carried out .

Amid the apprehension of four suspects, more than 200 warnings were issued to accused illegal IPTV individuals.

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UK authorities have teamed up with Sky TV to conduct nationwide crackdowns on illicit IPTV distributors.

Detention of Individuals Involved in Illicit IPTV

In a comprehensive crackdown on illicit IPTV services, UK law enforcement have apprehended four individuals in partnership with Sky and other broadcasters.

The crackdown targeted suppliers of unauthorized IPTV subscriptions and individuals involved in creating and distributing software to access these services.

The four apprehended individuals are suspected of unauthorized streaming of numerous channels, including premium sports and movie channels, to customers across the UK.

city of london police

Law enforcement have confiscated a substantial amount of digital equipment, including servers, computers, and mobile phones, along with money.

An inspector from the Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) at the City of London Police commented on the situation:

“We expect that this action serves as a clear warning; PIPCU will persist in collaborating with partners in law enforcement and the industry to clamp down on those providing illegal streaming services and protect consumers from the potential risks associated with their usage.”

The investigation was initiated following complaints from broadcasters regarding the unauthorized distribution of their content.

However, one individual has been accused of intellectual property theft, while three others have been released pending further investigation.

Law enforcement closely cooperated with Sky and other broadcasters to identify the suppliers and distributors of these unauthorized services.

Law enforcement closely cooperated with Sky and other broadcasters to identify the suppliers and distributors of these unauthorized services.

They also collaborated with other law enforcement agencies to carry out apprehensions and seizures.

The crackdown on illicit IPTV services represents a significant advancement in the fight against online piracy.

Law enforcement have cautioned that customers who use illicit IPTV services may face legal consequences. They have further advised customers to solely use legal, licensed services to evade the risk of prosecution.

Sky has applauded the apprehensions and seizures, expressing its commitment to safeguarding its intellectual property rights and those of its customers.

The broadcaster has also warned that it will persist in taking action against suppliers and distributors of unauthorized IPTV services.

The broadcaster has also warned that it will continue to take action against suppliers and distributors of these unauthorized IPTV services.

The crackdown delivers a clear message that online piracy will not be tolerated.

The Head of Anti-Piracy at Sky made the following statement:

“More and more impactful measures are being taken against the perpetrators of major piracy operations, and we extend our gratitude to PIPCU and all the participating police forces. We will continue to support these efforts to dismantle these piracy networks and help protect consumers.”

Law enforcement, broadcasters, and other rights holders are collaborating to address this mounting issue and ensure that consumers access legitimate, high-quality content.


Customers are recommended to exclusively utilize legal services to avoid potential legal consequences.

This serves as a warning to others involved in similar activities and sends a message that the authorities are taking this matter seriously.

You can find the official report from the City of London Police below.

City of London Police – Press Release

This isn’t the first time that notable IPTV services have faced scrutiny from media conglomerates and anti-piracy authorities.

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