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Firestick Steve and KTV Streams Join Primestreams IPTV Lawsuit

Firestick Steve and KTV Streams Join PrimeStreams IPTV Lawsuit

A lawsuit against PrimeStreams IPTV has gained two more participants in the form of Firestick Steve and KTV Streams, who were widely used IPTV platforms by cord-cutters globally.

Both Firestick Steve and KTV Streams have garnered a significant user base and were extensively used by cord-cutters worldwide.

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Overview of the Initial Primestreams IPTV Lawsuit

A piracy lawsuit was filed in May 2022 against the operators of Primestreams IPTV, accusing them of copyright infringement.

Primestreams IPTV Operators Targeted in Piracy Lawsuit


DISH Network, the plaintiff, has leveled allegations against Primestreams IPTV, claiming violations of the Federal Communications Act and other charges, with potential damages amounting to millions of dollars.

Firestick Steve & KTV Streams Join the Primestreams IPTV Lawsuit

The legal battle has expanded to include two prominent IPTV service providers.

KTV Streams

KTV Streams, also known as KTV Hosting, was among the primary IPTV services associated with Primestreams.

ktv streams

William Everly, alleged operator of KTV Streams, stands accused of reselling Primestreams subscriptions as a “reseller” in the IPTV industry.

Notably, Everly employed the same payment processing method with KTV Streams, involving an Ohio-based LLC, akin to the method used by operators of Primestreams IPTV.

Firestick Steve

Firestick Steve, along with Bing TV and Better Than Cable TV, drew the attention of DISH Network during the investigation as “rebrandings” of the service.

An intriguing aspect of this case is Everly’s acquisition of the Firestick Steve customer base in April 2022, merging the two IPTV services.

Firestick Steve

Following the abrupt shutdown of Firestick Steve, former customers received emails stating a new operator had taken over, with KTV Streams revealed as the new service provider.

As per the complaint filed by DISH Network in the new lawsuit, Everly is accused of large-scale violations of both the Federal Communications Act and the anti-circumvention provisions of the DMCA.

The precise amount of damages sought is undisclosed, but it could potentially reach millions of dollars.

It remains to be seen which other live TV services will come under the radar of DISH Network.

Previously, significant IPTV services have been shut down by ACE and other authorities:

For more details on this lawsuit, refer to the report from TorrentFreak and the official court document below.

Firestick Steve & KTV Streams DISH Lawsuit (PDF)

Is IPTV Legal?

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