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Pirate IPTV Group Raided by Police: 10 IPTV Operators Arrested

Pirate IPTV Group Raided by Police

Police in Greece have conducted a raid targeting a group involved in illegal IPTV activities, resulting in the arrest of ten operators and the seizure of twelve vehicles.

In an extensive crackdown on piracy, the authorities in Greece have dismantled a significant unlawful IPTV operation, underscoring the ongoing struggle against unauthorized streaming services in Europe.

This operation, spanning over eight years, is alleged to have caused broadcasters losses surpassing €100 million. Here’s a comprehensive insight into the situation.

Pirate IPTV Group Arrested

Admirers in Greece of live TV, athletics, and films are no unlike the rest of Europe.

They adore their amusement. Nevertheless, like many others, they often express dissatisfaction about the steep expenses of authorized subscription TV packages.

This discontent has prompted numerous individuals to seek comfort in more affordable IPTV subscriptions.

Pirate IPTV Group Arrested

While Greece has made attempts to obstruct these unauthorized streaming services, ensuring that legitimate TV enterprises like Nova and Cosmote can operate lucratively, sometimes the only effective tactic is to target the individuals involved in these operations.

The recent operation by the Hellenic Police, led by the Patras Safety Sub-Directorate, has taken down a major player in the illicit IPTV field.

The undisclosed service is believed to have caused financial losses exceeding €100 million to prominent TV companies, including giants like Cosmote, Nova, and Vodafone.

The undisclosed service is believed to have caused financial losses exceeding €100 million to prominent TV companies, including giants like Cosmote, Nova, and Vodafone.

The methodology behind this substantial loss computation remains undisclosed.

The Arrests

In a synchronized effort, the police apprehended ten individuals, with nine being locals and one potentially of Ukrainian descent.

Reportedly, the apprehended individuals include the ringleader of the operation, his subordinate, the alleged financial overseer, and several subscription vendors.

These individuals are currently facing a range of charges, from involvement in a criminal organization to intellectual property offenses and money laundering.

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A Look into the Operation’s Modus Operandi

Initial findings suggest that this group had been operational for nearly eight years, amassing approximately 13,000 local subscribers.

Their total earnings from this venture are estimated to exceed €25 million.

The group operated an online platform, with members assuming roles based on their position in the hierarchy.

They utilized various methods to collect their illicit earnings, including manual collections, utilization of foreign digital banks, and even channeling money through their and their relatives’ bank accounts.

To maintain control over their clientele, the leaders employed a specialized subscriber management program, ensuring complete oversight of their operations.

Furthermore, the packages they distributed were not limited to live TV. They also furnished customers with a VOD (video-on-demand) library teeming with movies and TV series, all without proper permissions from the rightful owners.

Tracing the Illicit Earnings

The group did not simply retain their ill-gotten gains. They laundered their proceeds by investing in real estate, establishing individual companies, and even through specific betting entities.

While the police have not commented on any account seizures, they did manage to seize substantial assets.

During the raid, the confiscated property included:

  • 93,500 euros
  • 6,400 British pounds
  • digital IPTV Boxes
  • cell phones
  • storage disks
  • computers
  • Six luxury vehicles
  • Six motorcycles
  • Handwritten notes listing clients, their phone numbers and addresses, along with the amounts of money they received from each


The recent action by the Greek police underscores the global challenge of illicit IPTV operations.

It will be intriguing to see if the individuals involved are convicted and any subsequent legal proceedings.

The key takeaway from this narrative is that anyone who registered or engaged in these IPTV services has their data in the possession of authorities.

This is not the debut instance of pirate IPTV operators being apprehended by authorities.

For more information on this story, refer to the Greek Police Civil Protection Ministry press release and the report from TorrentFreak.

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