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US Government Releases Top Piracy Threats for 2022

US Government Releases Top Piracy Threats for 2022

According to the latest “Notorious Markets” report, the chief piracy concerns for 2022 have been disclosed by the United States Government.

This annual report spotlights several pirate websites, IPTV platforms, torrent portals, hosting providers, and streaming applications, among other entities that have been reported to the government by anti-piracy organizations.

The office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) published its recent findings, mentioning prominent entities in the streaming domain.

The office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) released its findings a few days ago and several popular names in the streaming world are mentioned.

In an official press release, USTR Ambassador Katherine Tai highlighted the following:

“The widespread trade in counterfeit and pirated goods endangers the economic security of American workers and undermines our efforts to create fair and inclusive trade policies. The Notorious Markets List serves as a vital tool to prompt the private sector and our trading partners to combat these detrimental practices.”

With the recent shutdown of USTVGO, it is anticipated that more pirate streaming services will be targeted by anti-piracy organizations in 2023.

The USTR’s “Notorious Markets” report pinpoints numerous pirate operations that are alleged to be affecting job opportunities in the United States.

This "Notorious Markets" report from the USTR lists dozens of pirate operations that authorities claim are impacting US jobs.

2022’s Noteworthy Piracy Dangers

The USTR, in collaboration with anti-piracy groups, has identified numerous IPTV services, streaming platforms, apps, torrent sites, and hosting providers in the “Notorious Markets” report submitted to the US Government.

Here are some prominent names in each streaming category. Many of these entities were previously listed in the 2021 Notorious Markets list.

2022's Noteworthy Piracy Dangers - iptv services

IPTV & Streaming Sites

  • Bestbuyiptv.store
  • Cuevana3.io
  • Fmovies
  • Bmovies
  • Pelisplus.icu
  • Lalastreams
  • Istream2watch.com
  • Bflix
  • Egy.best
  • Globe IPTV
  • Istar
  • Chaloos
  • Shabakatv
  • Spider

2022's Noteworthy Piracy Dangers - Torrent Sites

Torrent Sites

  • Thepiratebay.org
  • 1337x.to
  • YTS.mx
  • Rarbg.to
  • Rutracker.org

Hosting Providers & Cyberlockers

  • Rapidgator.net
  • 1Fichier
  • Amaratu
  • FlokiNET


  • Sci-Hub
  • Libgen


  • MP3juices.cc
  • 2Conv.com
  • Flvto.biz
  • Newalbumreleases.net

Social Media

  • WeChat
  • VK.com

It will be interesting to observe which websites, streaming applications, and IPTV services will next come under the scrutiny of the USTR and anti-piracy organizations.

This is not the first time notable IPTV services and streaming sites have been shut down by ACE and other authorities:

For more information on this story, you can view the press release from USTR and the official documentation below.

USTR Notorious Markets Report 2022 (PDF)

USTR Notorious Markets 2022 Review – Press Release

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