VNest IPTV Faces Lawsuit from DISH Network and Sling TV

vnest iptv

A report from Iptv Knowledge states that a legal case has been initiated by DISH Network and Sling TV against VNest IPTV.

The legal action has been taken by DISH Network and Sling TV against VNest IPTV, a live TV provider situated in Las Vegas.

As per this supplier of live TV, they offer numerous live channels, VOD, PPV, and other content.

This Iptv Knowledge news report covers VNest IPTV facing a lawsuit from DISH Network and Sling TV.

DIS Network Sues VNest IPTV

Based on reports and official court documents, DISH and Sling TV have filed a lawsuit against the operator of VNest IPTV, Santina Fulton.

Fulton received a cease-and-desist notice from DISH and Sling TV in October 2021, accusing her of operating VNest IPTV without authorization. Despite the request, VNest continued to operate.

With the filing of the lawsuit, the VNest IPTV website is now inaccessible.

vnest iptv website

DISH and Sling TV allege that VNest IPTV unlawfully retransmitted DISH Network’s streams under their own brand.

Surprisingly, some of the channels were purportedly acquired from Nitro TV, which is also undergoing legal action from DISH Network.

Nitro TV Ordered to Pay Over $100 Million in Damages


Investigators managed to capture Fulton and the VNest IPTV operation by enlisting as users of the service and making payments through Venmo.

A pivotal piece of evidence in the inquiry was a Venmo payment directly linked to Santina Fulton.

The official court documents state the following about VNest IPTV:

“DISH Programming and Sling Programming has been retransmitted to users of Defendants’ VNest TV service without Plaintiffs’ authorization, thereby allowing VNest TV users to receive such programming without paying the requisite subscription fee to DISH or Sling.”

For more details, you can access the official court filing here.

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